Friday, March 29, 2013

A Friendship Group Show and Share

I visited my Nimble Thimble group this morning.  I have not been in months.  The group is full of a wonderful bunch of friends.  Most of us have been together for many, many years.  Life takes its turns.  Sometimes there is an absence,  lately that has been me. They welcomed me as if I never was away!  Here is what was out on the table when I arrived:DSC06991

It seemed very familiar to me.  Why?  Well, I made it many moons ago.  I remember piecing this tree while Nick was at City of Hope (over 8 years ago).  We were deciding if we could bring it to life.  I think we may pass it around, add borders, embellish and quilt it.  This little tree just may grow up to be awesome (I know this group pretty well, over achievers we are).  I just kept looking at it thinking “We need to tone down that blue, what was I thinking?”

Well, they let me ramble on and on about all my new adventures!  What a patient and wonderful group!

Next, Margaret shared this absolutely adorable baby quilt.  She had made it for her grand-daughter, Maggie Rose.  Turns out that Maggie Rose was actually a little boy, funny how life works.  Well, there is a new grand baby coming into the world soon, maybe this one will be Maggie Rose, if so, her quilt is ready!

DSC06992I loved this quilt when Margaret shared it before and I love it now!  It is really cute and very well made.  Can you see the hand stitches in the quilt and the embroidery on the shoes?


Margaret has not one, but two grandbabies coming in the next few months.  She is busy stitching this adorable Noah’s Ark quilt as well.


It is light and hard to see, so here are a couple close-ups:DSC06995

This will be another sweet quilt.DSC06996

Well, I visited (monopolized the whole meeting) and was off just as fast as I swooped in.  On to the next thing.  Writing some pattern instructions (in my opinion, the worst part of quilting).  But it must be done!

So, blog at you later,


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