Friday, April 29, 2011

So Ca Quilt Run 2011

Quilt Run  is coming!!

This is the quilt for Bolts in the Bathtub.

I had a little problem.
I ran out of fabric.
Lucky for me there was another
9 yards at the store.
All I needed was a 1/4 yard.

I will get that last border on 
then off to the quilters!

Can't wait to see the finished quilt.
It will still need a bit of embellishment
when it comes back to the store.

Blog at you later,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home Safe!

I know I haven't blogged in a bit.
Bet you were wondering if we got lost
in the Bermuda Triangle!

We are home safe.
I have much more to share from our trip, 
I just got overwhelmed and tired.
I will be sharing more later.
For now,
I need to show you what I have been
working on for the last few days.

Here is the American Eagle quilt top.
It will be heading to market without me.
It will be in the Exclusively Quilters booth.

I really love this one.
I don't know why, but
I had to unsew and recut a few times.

Well the top is finished.
I have a couple more to whip out,
so stay tuned for for pictures.

Blog at you later,

Friday, April 15, 2011


 Long, fun day!!
We started out with a visit to Sound Harley Davidson.
 Is this crazy? or what?
I found a quilt at the Harley shop!!!
Pretty cool, huh?
 Next we went to The Needle & I.
Great shop!
 Open and immaculate.
 Very nice displays.
 What an enjoyable store.
I spoke with Terry Martin.
I would have loved to purchase
one of her books and have her sign it.
The store did not have any of her books there.
Too bad.

Off to the Space Needle.
I took a quick video of the trip up.
I didn't get it all,
but it is only a 41 second ride!
 Right next to the Space Needle is the
It was a really cool place.
This looked like a tornado of guitars and stuff.
Scott had fun here.
 I am always intrigued with unique artwork.
This stained glass was at the parking structure in Seattle.
Picture 1.
Picture 2.
 This was really cool, too!
There is a Troll under a bridge in Seattle.
We found him on out second attempt.
I really thought he was great!

We had a lovely dinner by the Bay.
I am wiped out tonight.

Tomorrow I should have some fun stuff to share.
Tulip Fields,
Woodworking Co-op
and a Quilt walk through Anacortes.

Goodnight for now,
blog at you later,


We started our adventure yesterday
by figuring out that we had no GPS.
Now we had to use maps, how old fashioned!
I know this sounds like no big deal, but..
Scott is doing all the driving,
that means I am the navigator.
I need to share with you that I am directionally challenged!
Really challenged.
This almost put me into panic mode.
I think I was in a bit of a funk all day.

Well, we got to the Peace Arch just fine.
 Then the fun really began.
Scott got into the NEXES(?) line.  
That was not the lane we should be in.
We had to park and go into the Border Crossing building.
The girl there had a sense of humor.
She had a bit of fun at our expense, but it was ok with us.
It was actually entertaining.
Well, with a few U-turns we made our way
to Wineberry Fabrics.
 Nice store.
I picked up a pattern designed by one of the owners.
We had a little chat with Barbara (another one of the owners).
We were amused at how the customers
were complaining about the rain.
I think it rained from the time we crossed the border
until we arrived back in the United States.

We made our way to the Quilted Bear.
The shop looked really cute,
the sign said they should be open,
but the doors were locked.
I wanted to get in there really bad, no luck.
 We had lunch in a little place in the corner of a strip mall.
I had quiche and Scott had a sandwich.
Lunch was enjoyable.
We sat at the counter and
watched the rain come down
while we ate.

After lunch
we headed to
Barnes Harley.

A few more U-turns, but we got there (in the rain).
Wonderful shop, lots of clothes and lots of bikes.
I cannot believe they just leave the bikes out front in the rain, but they do.
On the way back to Washington
I snapped this picture of a McDonalds.
It was unlike any I had seen before,
so I thought I would share. 

We saw more barns on this day than we have probably seen in our lives up to this point.

Of course, I didn't get any pictures of them.
Funny that,
seeings as how I am a
self proclaimed barn lover.
I would live in a
converted red barn if I could.  

We are off to Seattle for the day.
To the Space Needle and other fun places.
Of course I will share them.

Blog at you later,
Off to explore,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun and Adventurous Day!

Here is a view of the condo's where we are staying.
 We went exploring today.
No real plan, find some quilt stores,
Harley shops and have some good food.
All this while checking out the Washington scenery.

First stop...
What an enjoyable store.
We chatted with the owner, Sharylann, for a bit.
She shared with me a challenge
that she had recently completed.
She chose a picture and then created a quilt
using the colors from the picture.
What a cool idea.
Her quilt was made with Batiks (my favorite)!
 Next stop, downtown Lynden.
I love this kind of quaint towns.
This downtown was fun.
 Next we found ourselves at Calico Country.
This was a nice store.
I don't know if you can see him in the picture,
but there was a little boy playing in the front window,
how cute?
We had a nice talk with Mary,
discovered we had both been to the Road to California show.
Funny, huh?
 Fourth Corner Quilts was another nice find.
I actually saw some fabrics in this store
from which I have designed patterns.  
 I have a few goodies to take home from each store,
lucky me!

We located a couple of Harley shops.
I fell in love with the pink helmet!!
I also debated about buying the jacket I have modeled.
I left the store without it, but I did love it!
 We found a music store (more of Scott's favorite pastimes).
They had such a great variety of guitars.
Many beauties!
We had lunch at Five Guys.
It seemed similar to Inn-N-Out,
had it's own take on burgers.
We enjoyed it,
I especially loved that they told us where
the potatoes were from that they used
to make out French fries.  
In the Antelope Valley,
where we live,
the wind can be truly crazy!
So the video above is for those of you
who understand our wind conditions!

We found an Ark!
Good thing cuz it was raining a lot!

Dinner was at CJ's Beach House.
 I had a very good New England Clam Chowder.
 We traveled Chuckanut Drive.
Here are a couple of pictures from a lookout point.
 What a cutie!!
Wow, what a day!
More quilt stores,
Harley shops
and beautiful scenery!
Oh and food!

Blog at you later,

Warning! Not my normal Blog! I am on Vacation!

Scott and I left for a week long vacation alone!
So, for the next week my blog
will share out adventures in Birch Bay, Washington
and the surrounding area.
I will be sharing quilt stores,
food, Harley shops and scenery,
as well as anything else I think I might want to share.
So now is your chance to choose whether you wish to go on vacation with me.
Here we go...

Breakfast at Western Bagel!
Everything cheese bagel, toasted with cream cheese!
 We landed in Seattle and started heading north.
We passed the QWEST Stadium, home of the Seattle Seahawks.
 On to Pikes Place Market.
I love Farmers Markets and this one is wonderful.
This is where they throw the fish in the Fish Market.
I saw this event, but did not get video, sorry!
 We had to visit the first Starbucks.
Scott has a great smile now that he has his coffee!
Here is a short video of the singers in front of Starbucks,
there were a few street performers,
They were all very good.
Check these guys out...
 This is the view of the bay out the window
where we had a late lunch.
 Scott had a Philly Cheese-steak Burger.
 I had Mushroom Ravioli.
Lunch was very nice.
The Tulips at the Farmers Market were absolutely beautiful.
Tulips are my all time favorite!
Ok, I am always looking for something different and inspiring.
I have seem mosaic work with plates and cups before,
but this was done on a cement bench
I located in the alleyway at Pikes Place.
Pretty cool, huh?
 Now for the Harley sightings.
Here is the first store we saw,
of course we had already left out $20 parking location,
so we just took a picture from a moving car and kept on going.
 The buildings here are really cool to this desert girl.
 Harley sighting number 2...
 Found this at the rest stop,
had to share.
They also offered free coffee, wow!
 Harley sighting number 3 for the day.
 Here is the view of Birch Bay from our condo balcony.
 Here is the view the other direction, cool houses.
We are going out to explore the area today.
Quilt stores?
Hayley Shops?

Off to see what the day brings,
Blog at you later,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April's A Tisket A Tasket Class

I am very excited to show the progress
my classes are making on their
"A Tisket A Tasket" blocks.
This is a pattern by Bunny Hill Designs
 I have been teaching an appliqué class
on the first Wednesday of the month
and the first Thursday of the month at
We've made wonderful progress.
 Check out some of these blocks.
I love the way fabric choices
can totally change the look of the quilt.
This was an extra bonus show and share.
Becky's Winter Wonderland quilt is just beautiful.
The pattern is from Crab Apple Hill Studio.
They have some really cute patterns.
Now it's off to the quilter.
Can't wait to see it quilted.
I need to write some patterns,

Blog at you later,

Friday, April 1, 2011

Nimble Thimble Share Time

Peggy  is Awesome!!
 She used the houses from a
Block of the Month
and arranged them so that the quilt
would be the right size
to fit above her fireplace.
The quilt is adorable.

Leni had some items to share as well:
This quilt is for her brother.
I believe this was also from a Block of the Month.
She used a different arrangement as well
and will be making another quilt
from the other pieces.
Very cool!
 This is a project from a class Leni took.
I believe this was from a class
at the Glendale Quilt Show.
I am back at it.
Always with a pile of projects in my studio.

Blog at you later,