Monday, August 23, 2010

Quiet Monday

Remember those Chicken blocks I shared a while back.
Well, here they are all assembled and quilted.
It was wonderfully quilted with chicken feet by:
Quilting by Vickie’s Quilt Studio 
661 722-9992
She also quilted my Bear Mountain quilt.
This one is quilted with Bears and Trees.
I love it!!!
It is not a very good picture,
but it was the best I could get this morning
from a chair in my living room.
I will be working on getting a better picture.
I still need to bind and label these 2 quilts
before I send them out to the fabric company.
I also intend to get patterns on my website and Etsy site soon.
There is always so much to do!

Here is a peek at the next project I am working on:
So far I have 32 Nine Blocks.
Stay tuned to see what they become...

Blog at you soon,

P.S. I don't want you to think I have been just relaxing.
It is quest today because Lindsay is at school (Senior year)
Carissa started college classes today
and Nick will be moved out by this weekend.
There is always so much to do in this crazy life, 
but I bet yours is just a crazy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Ok, so I have been home from Big Bear for quite a while now.
I did get to go on a retreat to the beach,
it was just lovely.

Today I have been busy writing patterns.

There has been fabric arriving as well.

So much to do!

I will try to be better and blog more.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Bear

Hi there!

I have been in Big Bear this week.
It is absolutely beautiful up here.

Of course there is a quilt store,
and yes, I have been there (5 times so far).
It is a lovely store,
and the people there are wonderful.
Cute displays...
Nice and clean...
Of course I made fast friends with Karen, the owner.
I chatted with her about Bear Fabric
from Exclusively Quilters.
I shared some other patterns and ended up using a fabric line she had in the store to create a quilt for her from a pattern I have already been working on.
The pattern for her store is called:
Autumn in Big Bear Lake
I took fabric back to the condo with me and whipped up this top
(for a commission, of course).
She also suggested that I move up here and work for her,
I don't think Dawna and Fay at Bolts are gonna like that idea at all!

I was also visiting a scrap-booking store in town
and came across this display and just had to share it.
It was adorable,
but I think someone rearranged a couple of letters.
We laughed and enjoyed it.
Just one more photo to share for today,
someone snapped a pic of me wondering the condo with stitchwork in my hands.
Tell me,
do you think I am addicted?