Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party, Party, Party

The annual Nimble Thimble Party!
Leni sure set up some nice tables.

We gathered, we ate (pot luck, with the traditional turkey as the main part of the meal.
Then we started our exchange.
Leni started the whole ordeal.
Leni had drawn Nancy's name.
This year we had an inspiration word supplied by the person who would recieve the gift.
Nancy's word was not remembered, but the gift was full of words anyway.
In the black, stitched with black were secret words only we know about.

Nancy gave to Tiffany (me!).
My word was serendipity.
Nancy created beautiful flowers for me.
Thanks Nance.

I had Peggy.
Peggy's word was Pearl.
There are words in light organza of the word pearl in other languages.
I also added a Lily, because I knew that was important to Peggy as well.

Peggy gave to Jacque.
Jacque's word was European.
Peggy added the word love in different European languages.
In the center is a heart. Peggy's creation was filled with love.

Jacque had surgery on her neck.
The surgery was moved up and she did not finish the quilt for Ilana.
Ilana's word was satisfaction.
Jacque filled a bag of goodies and promised Ilana a quilt in January.

Ilana had drawn Karen's name.
Karen's word was Scotland.
Ilana's creation was kilts.
Look what was hidden under one of the quilts.
We all had a laugh.
Karen made a quilt for Audra.
Not sure of Audra's word, but Karen knows that Audra likes chickens,
so she made Audra a chicken rag quilt.

Audra made quilted bags for Linda to use for groceries.
There are 4 bags. Again not sure what the inspirational word was, but it just doesn't matter.
Linda had drawn Leni's name. Leni's word was friendship.
And how funny is this, Linda made a bag for Leni to use for
groceries or whatevers, there was even a pillow hidden in the bag.
Linda know Leni travels alot, therefore a bag and travel pillow.

Well, we went full circle, but there were still two left.
So, on to Michelle. Michelle had drawn Sue's name.
Sue had given 4 inspirational words:
holiday, cats, outdoors, antiques.
Michelle got Sue fabric for each inspirational word and
put each fabric on the quilt hanger that she had made for Sue.
Sue then had Michelle's name.
Michelle had given the word antiques,
but Sue also knows that Michelle loves cats.
Sue created this cute kittle quilt, and since
we all know Sue loves kitties too, this was just the perfect gift.

We were all here and willing, so names were drawn for next year.
How perfect.
I am the keeper of the names for this year.
I am happy to add that Cindy was here to visit and decided to participate in the exchange for next year. Welcome back Cindy.
Margaret and Maria were at the party as well, and I am very excited that both of them have drawn a name and are planning to participate in the exchange next year.
Now for a picture of us.
What a great day!
Blog at you soon,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wondrous Wednesdays

Ok, another week just flew by.
Does any one know how to slow down my life?
I have been working on a couple of secret projects.
I will be able to share one of them on Saturday, but not before.
The Nimble Thimble Quilt Circle I belong to will be having our anual Holiday/Christmas Party and quilt exchange. This year we were free to make any quilted project for the person whose name we drew. Can't wait to see all the great gifts and share them on the blog.
As for now, new stuff in the store to share.
There is this really cute pattern for the Maggie Bag.
You use 10" squares to make these cute bags.
This could be a great little Christmas gift your a young lady on your list.
It could be made to carry a cell phone or ipod, use your imagination.

Here is a new fabric line from Northcott.
This line is called Twilight Garden.
I do believe I saw this fabric in Peggy's possesion,
that means we should see a quilt top in a week or so.
Keep up the good work Peggy, we will be waiting to see it.

A big box arrived from Moda.
Inside it there was this beautiful fabric line called
Close to My Heart.
This one is talking to Dawna, but I love it too.

I hope you enjoy tonights eye candy.
I plan to share some great goodies from the party this weekend.
Blog at you later,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wondrous Wednesdays

Wow. The weeks just seem to fly by.
I cannot believe how fast life seems to be moving.
The sale was great last week.
Dawna and I manned the cutting table for a few hours.
Thanks to all who came and shopped and had great patience with us.
We worked as fast as we could.

Now for some new stuff.
This line is from Andover.
It is called Garden Fresh.
I seem to have the creative bug today.
I really want to create from some of the lines I have to share today.

This is a really cute line.
Castles and Cottages.
You need to come see this one up close.
It is a very sweet line.

Ok, I am ready to cut this fabric up and stitch it back together again.
Oh, I want to make a new quilt.
This is Chinese Take Out by Lundhurst Studio.

This is a line of soft fabrics.
You need to find this one in the store and at least take a good look at it.
I think I know a couple people in my life who would enjoy a quilt from this fabric.

get busy,
Christmas is coming.
Blog at you soon,

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

My Grandma Toni is awsome!

She is having an Open House to raise money for the Scholarship Fund for the Perris Valley Womens Club.

I took some video and wanted everyone to be able to see the amazing way she decorates for the Christmas holidays.

The Christmas House Tour is on Tuesday, December 1 and Wednesday December 2. Can you beleive she is decorated to the rafters? The flyer says: Come and enjoy viewing many themed Christmas Trees, Collectibles, Antiques, Dolls and Quilts on display. I know you if you can't visit her house the next best thing is a virtual tour. So that is just what I did. I wanted to share all the fun stuff anyway.

I had to do short videos to be able to put them on the blog.

I hope you enjoy the tour.

Let's start outside.

Guest room, bathroom, laundry room.

Living room.

I will try to get some more videos up in the next few days.

Thanks for checking out the views.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wondrous Wednesdays

Happy Thanksgiving!
Just want to make sure everyone knows about the sale on Friday.

I took a walk around the store and thought I could share it.
Can you imagine?
Every bolt 35% off!
Only if you are up bright and early!

See you Friday morning.

I will be across the cutting table from Dawna.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wondrous Wednesdays

"Sweet Friends" by Quilting Treasures.
Remember Holly Hobby? Well you will when you see this line.
It is very cute and brings back childhood memories for me.

Peggy creatively put together this little quilt.
It is a fun size for a sweet little girl to carry around with her,
maybe even but her baby dolls to sleep under it at night.
Good job Peggy!

not so much to share this week. Some weeks are very eventful with many new items, and some weeks are a bit slower. There is always great stuff hiding in the store. If you just need a bit of inspiration before the holidays be sure just to come and get your creative juices flowing.

Until next time,
quilt with holiday love in your heart,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wondrous Wednesdays

What's in the tub? Flannel of course!
There's so much flannel in and around the tub, it's hard to find the tub.
It's there, just keep looking!
This gets me inspired... I think I need some new flannel jammies!

Beverly has finished the sample for the Cherie fabrics I shared with you last week.
Isn't is adorable?

Now, let's talk about something serious... Christmas is coming!!
Some of those projects you are planning are way to big for this year.
Maybe you should scale it down a bit.
Have you see the Insul-Bright?
Why don't you make up some cute little pot holders, oven mitts, tea cozy or even a casserole cozy? This stuff is great, and it even comes with a free oven mitt pattern. Why don't you whip up some quick gifts, be done early and enjoy some free time this holiday? Don't forget to thank me! Ha Ha.

Blog at you soon,

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Day Friday

Philanthropic Day!!

Fay has kindly given the Nimble Thimble group fabric cards.

We took them apart, cut them up and stitched them back together.

LOOK!! What we made!

These will brighten up a babies room somewhere.

Ok, these blocks are made by Peggy.

Aren't they wonderful!

Until next time,


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Way More Wondrous Wednedsay

Wow, again!! We have more!!
Another new Moda line is out for your enjoyment!
This one is by French General and called Rouenneries.
We have 18 bolts of cotton, 2 bolts of wovens (seen below),
layer cakes and charm squares.

Now for the COOKIES!!
Girl Sccout cookies that is!
This is some awsome fabric.
I can only begin to image what some creative
Girl Scouts just might make with this.
There are layer cakes for this line as well.
Come on girls, lets get sewing!

Nimble Thimbles Quilt Circle

Peggy does cool stuff. Check out the video!!

Wondrous Wednesdays

WOW!! What a Wednesday. We have so many new great lines coming into the store. Something for everyone!

This one is from Moda. It is called: Wiscasset.

When seeing this line, Peggy delightfully commented: "I love Paisley!"

Another set of fabric from Moda, this one is called: Authentic.
It has newsprint and block numbers. Fun stuff to create with.

Ok, now for the boys! (and girls). Skateboarding is here.
What a great quilt this would make.
Are the wheels a turnin?
Are the creative juices flowin?
I am sure we all know a teenager or two that would love to have a quilt as cool as this.

The skateboard fabrics are from South Seas and are called: X-Treme.

Are you a kitty lover?
Know a kitty lover?
This is some fun fabric.
It is from Maywood Studio,
and is called Stripey Tiger.

Now I know my grandma would love this! I just may have to take some to her when I go to visit this weekend. She loves blues and this line is georgous! It is from Makower UK and is called: China Blue.

Now from Clothworks: Cherie! This is adorably cute. We also have an adorable kit packaged up with this fabic line.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wondrous Wednesdays

Do you have a musician amoungst your clan? Have you been needing to make that special person a great quilt? Well, here is is! We have a line of fabric just for you. The line is called "Play Your Song". Michelle has pieced a top from the pattern "Hear the Music", and it is currently withthe wuilter (me) who is trying to get it quilted and back in the store for your viewing pleasure. Check in often, it may appear at any time.

Now, for some more viewing pleasure. Have you seen the Firemen hanfing around? If not, you should come in, find them, and at least give them the once over. They are up in the store, come see if you can find them.

Now for a bit of Christmas. Carolyn will br presenting a class on the Magic Stocking. This class will be on the schedule at 3 different dates and times, so that it is available for you when you are available. Check the schedule for classes. This is a great gift for a loved one, the stocking has no showing seam allowences (hence the magic), is quick to make and can be personalized. How perfect?

Here is a close-up of Fay's.
Remember, Chistmas will be here sooner that we think.