Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Little Time in My Quilt Corner!

I wonder how long it has been
since I have used my sewing machine.
I sure think she is missing me.
I know I have missed her.
I made just a couple of blocks for a group project,
but it sure felt good to piece something, anything!

I have been spending so much time wit my laptop!
I have been working, learning and creating digitally.
I have been Facebooking, Pinteresting,
Picniking (so sad we are loosing Picnik),
searching and so on...
I have found it just isn't the same as creating with fabric.
I love fabric!

On a side note,
I have been appliqueing,
so I am not totally away from the quilt world.

I am getting ready to work on my
Henrietta blocks again
from Bunny Hill Designs.

I would really like to get those finished.

back at it,
Blog at you later,

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's a Mystery!

I know it seems really early,
but I am working on a quilt for the

This block is just one of the blocks that you can gather in Area 1.
One block done, 23 to go!

I know it doesn't seem that exciting all by itself,
but it has potential...
This is a just one quilt that can be made from this block
(and this is in a rather boring colorway).
this block can be picked up during the run from:

I hope that many, many people get to participate this year.
Area 1 will have some great surprises for you.

I said I would be better at blogging
and of course I must apologize,
it has been more than a month,
I bet you had just about given up on me...

Well, I'm back and giving it a go again,
thanks for being my loyal and pestering friends (ha ha).
I need a good push every so often,
so thanks.

Blog at you,
not sooo much later,