Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a Little JAM

The Jam Meeting on Monday was about half size.

Dawna, Paula and myself sat a shared and chatted.

We missed the others, we'll catch up next time.

Now for the pictures...
 Dawna shared some cool embroidery work.  
You stitch this out then cut through the
stitches of the flowers for a different look.
 Here is a view of the larger piece.
This crazy work was also done with machine embroidery.
 Perfectly pieced blocks by Dawna.
Paula has new scissors to show.
They are Batt Snips,
cute, huh?
Her business name is
that was short and quick,
off to work,
blog at you later,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Busy, Busy!

I have been working my fingers
on the keyboard like crazy!
I did manage to finish the
quilt top for the
Paris pattern.

Here it is....
 The main fabric piece is from Timeless Treasures.
Pattern writing needs to follow here real soon!

some appliqué I have been working on
for a fellow JAM member,
Paula Reid.
I have 3 blocks done and the fourth is half done,
I was hoping to give them all to her later today,
not gonna happen, shucks!

Paula is an awesome machine quilter and teacher,
check out her website:
and her blog

 Here is my latest pattern.
This is still a computer generated picture,
but it is pieced (done by Anne Marie).
Thank you, Anne Marie.
Now to quilt it get it in the store,
and up on my
Told ya I've been busy,
way more to do,
didn't want to abandon the blog again though,
sometimes I get a little flack
when I don't post for a while.

back at the whole process.
Blog at you later,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Severe Blog Abandonment!

I have had an unknown lapse of blogging.
So sorry,
I 'm not even sure what happened, just life, you know?
Well, enough of that, back to business....
This is a new fabric from Timeless Treasures.
It is called:
but I think you could've guessed that!
I am planning, designing, cutting and stitching with it today.
Maybe tomorrow I can show you what I've done.

In the mean time,
I must tell you about last Saturday.
There was a Home Tour in the Antelope Valley,
sponsored by the

There were wonderful quilts in beautiful houses.
I have pictures!

House #1...

 Look, I designed it and someone else made the quilt and entered it!
How cool is that?

 I know this is abstract for the quilt world,
but there was a Bocce Ball Court in the back yard of House #1.
Scott and I love to play Bocce, so this was really cool!

Now on to House #2....

 And House #3....

There were a couple of things
in the back yard

that caught my attention as well.
This captured the wind and twirled quietly.
I loved it!
 A quiet waterfall sooths the soul.
This one spoke to me.
By the way, we rode the Harley to tour the houses.
It was a great morning.

We went home changed,
met up with some friends
and headed to LA for some more fun.

First stop,
We took a tour...
tried some wines.
Here is Jeri trying Chocolate Wine.
We had a late lunch at the Winery,
then headed to 
a great little bar in Long Beach.

off to the show!!
 Aren't we cute?
What a night!
We stopped for a late night taco at 
That was yummy!!
I intended to eat one taco,
but of course I ate 2!

I suppose this may be why I haven't blogged in many days.
I was in need of recovery.

I want you to know,
I am back in the quilt world,
quilting away
and will share with you soon.

Blog at you later,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Now that I have your attention,
I will stop shouting!
There is a brand new site
where you can go to buy patterns
on the web and have them delivered
as a PDF to your email immediately! 

I am excited to announce
that I am one of the designers on that site.

I have uploaded 14 patterns to this point
and have more to upload.

So now I need you to go to the site,
register and follow me,

Here is the link:

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Quilt in One Day!

I know the Quilt in a Day title is already taken,
but today was the day for me.
I revamped this pattern this morning,
started cutting and piecing,
and somewhere around 4pm 
I had another quilt top ready for Market.

This is the panel from which it all started:
This is a really great panel
for anyone who loves trains.
It is another line from Exclusively Quilters,
surprising huh?

now I need to design a couple new quilts
and tomorrow I work at Bolts
Blog at you later,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Green with Envy!

This is what I did today!
Green with Envy is the name of the fabric line.
You can each piece of the line
by clicking of the link above.

This one is really bright, but fun!
I think it is teenage worthy.
What do you think?

I am getting ready to send
my creations to be in the
Exclusively Quilters booth
at Market in Utah.

So much to do...

Gotta go,
Blog at you later,