Friday, November 9, 2012

New Marine!

TOM LOVELAND61598_4500234116559_1014667856_n (1)This is my nephew!  I am so proud! This was the first time I have attended a Graduation Ceremony for a Marine.  It was an awesome experience.  If you ever have a reason to attend, may I strongly suggest you do.DSC06603

The young men and women who decide to join the Marine Corps are amazing individuals, and when they complete the Boot Camp they are strong, respectful and just inspiring.

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I loved the experience.  My dad was in the Marine Corps before I was born, but is very proud to have served his county.  Once a Marine, Always a Marine.  He was in attendance today and I am sure he was delighted with the choice Tom has made.

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This is my sister with her boy (young man)!  She is one proud Mom!  There were many of Tom’s family present today.  We were all very proud of him!

After Tom was released to his family, we hung out for a while (Tom got some civilian clothes) and then we headed out for a meal of his choice.  Tom has been to California before (born here actually) but had lived in Michigan most of his life.  Guess what the meal was that he chose?


I think this may be a popular choice for many new Marines!  We shared with Tom that there is a burger called the 4 x 4 (4 patties and 4 cheese slices) and something else called Animal Fries (fries topped with cheese, sauce and sautéed onions)!  Well, Tom ordered those items along with a shake.  He consumed it all in about 5 minutes and could have eaten more.  Next he needed a new phone!  Got that one taken care of as well. 

Tom is getting some well deserved time off (10 days)!  Then he will be back at it.  Once again, I want to say that I am a proud Aunt!  Congratulations Tom!

Blog at you later,