Thursday, March 14, 2013

I have made it to Portland Safely!

Here I am in Portland. This may not seem like a big deal, but to me it is! This is my first Quilt Trade Show (and am I excited). This is also the first time I have traveled alone. I mean on a plane, booking a car and staying at a hotel. I have always traveled with someone I knew, husband, kids, you know. But here I am out in the big world! I am traveling around in a cute little car:

I went by the location of the trade show on my way to the hotel (just so it will look familiar tomorrow morning).

I don’t travel a lot, so when I do I like it when I notice interesting things. I noticed a location that had many Solar City vehicles. I would guess this is for solar panel installations. I think you need a lot of sun for solar panels to work, are you with me? I am in Portland, do they see the sun much here? We have just had solar panels put on our home, but we live in the sunny desert of Southern California. I must say this was perplexing to me.

Next, the toilets at the airport had a strange duel flushing mode. I have never, ever seen this before (I am guessing it’s because I don’t get out of my sewing studio much):

Maybe you have all seen this before. I might need to get out a bit more, what do you think?

Well, tomorrow should be a very exciting day! I am sure I will have stories to share. Goodnight for now,

Blog at you later,


Tammy said...

Stay safe and have lots of fun.

Linda said...

Know what it is like to go to a strange place and feel like you are the only one that doesn't know where or what to do. Believe me I'm sure everyone probably feels like you do. Have fun!