Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making Snowflakes

I usually machine quilt without any markings.
I just do my own creative thing.
This time I wanted snowflakes,
I tried using Golden Threads Quilting Paper.

I drew my snowflakes (4 different ones)
on the paper.
I then layered either 3 or 4 sheets of the paper
depending on ow many of each snowflake I needed.
I used my free motion foot
with my un-threaded machine
and sewed through all the prepared layers.
I gently separated the layers and
pinned one of the snowflakes
to the top of my quilt sandwich.
I re-threaded my machine and quilted
though the quilt and the paper.
Next, was the removal of the paper.
Now I have a perfect Snowflake on my Snowbound quilt!!
I am not sure how often I will use this method.
I love the result, but I did find it to be very time consuming
compared to my regular method.
I can see how stencils would be a better choice,
my problem is trying to find what I want in a stencil and then
finding it the size I need.

All in all,
I am happy with the result.

Now on to make all the other snowflakes,
I need a total of 13!

I will show you the finished quilt when it is done,
till then,
keep quilting,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Nimble Thimbles Barn Slice Quilt!!

So much to share from the meeting today.
Margaret brought earrings to share with everyone.
All handmade, she is amazing!

Today was the day the slices for my quilt were due!
Let me share:

Here is Linda and her slice...

Here is Karen and her slice...

Here is Jacque and her slice...

Here is Nancy and her slice...

Here I am with my slice...
(I didn't do all the work yet,
I knew it was coming back home with me
so I copped out a bit!, Sorry everyone)

This is Peggy's slice,
she was very ill and wasn't wanting
to give her sickness away to us.
We are very grateful and we love you Peggy,
hope you feel much better real soon!

I am amazed at how awesome the slices are.
Each person did a fabulous job at
representing their part of the picture.
Here is the picture that we started with.
I seem to have a great fondness for red barns.
I would live in a converted red barn if given half a chance
(bet you didn't know that about me).
Here is our great, creative slice quilt.
One little slice is missing,
but we aren't talking about that.
I am sure is will show up soon.
This just means I won't be putting the quilt together this weekend.
I do have many, many other quilt projects to work on.
It is supposed to snow here in the Antelope Valley
of Southern California tonight.
When it snows here, all normal activity ceases to exist.
I will be prepared to quilt all weekend, if necessary!

Back to Nimble Thimbles,
Sue shared these 2 quilts with us as well.
Sue makes really fun, cute quilts.

Since I plan to quilt is my quilt corner and act like a hermit
I should have new things to share with you soon.

Till then,
Hope is snows,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Apparently I am addicted to
Block of the Month,
Block of the Week
and even
Block of the Day projects!
What have I started now?
This is my design board today.  Yikes!
 I am putting together the Bunny Hill designs
Block of the Month for 2010.
I am really happy with how it looks right now.
 I have been teaching the Bunny Hill
Block of the Month for 2009 at
We meet and appliqué on the
first Wednesday night or the
first Thursday morning of the month.
In March I will post some of the blocks
being made by the students in these classes.

Now on to the newer addictions!
This again is a Block of the Month by Bunny Hill designs.
This is the current BOM.
Here is January's Block:
 February's Block:
 I have been using a bundle of batik fabrics from Hoffman.
I am really liking this quilt.

Now onto the next addiction.
This is the January block from
at Just Quiltin.
This is her Grannies Hankie BOM.
This quilt is to finish 102" x 102"
I think I will be adding one more border
so I can put this one on my bed.

Now for Pat Sloan...
I follow her blog and she is always coming up
with something new and exciting.
Yesterday started another Block program,
this one is daily, OMG!
And what do I do?
Start it anyway.
I am going to use a black background
and another stack of Hoffman Batiks.
Here are the fabrics for the first block.
I will show you a picture of it on a few days.
The pattern is for machine applique,
but I feel the need to so them by hand (of course)!
So, it may take me a little longer...
Today's block is pieced
(but I am going to add a flower to the center).
I can't work on that just yet.
I need to work on my piece of the slice quilt,
that is due Friday.

The slice quilt was my choice this time.
I chose this barn:
I sliced it up into 7 pieces,
handed them to those who are participating in the crazy project
and hope to see all the pieces on Friday.
This is my slice:

So much to do,
share with you soon,


Friday, February 18, 2011

What's been going on?

Well, here it is Friday already.
I don't understand how time flies so fast.
As you all know,
Monday was Valentine's Day.
Here is the car of the day for Monday:
I went with Dawna to the
Southern California Store Owners Meeting.
On the way we decided to search for an unusual car.
Last week we saw and shared the Chicken Car,
this one wasn't quite as crazy, but still out there.
Can you imagine trying to get all those sticky hearts off your car?
Me neither!

Now for some quilty stuff.
I have started to piece and appliqué the Block of the Month from
it is a free patten.
This is January's block.
Today I am planning on piecing February's block so I can appliqué it soon.

I picked out new colors
(not really, I seem to gravitate towards purple batiks)
for another Block of the Month.
This is for Grandma's Hankie Quilt at
 I started the appliqué on this one last night.
I made pretty good progress, huh?
it's been a busy week.
I taught a class yesterday for the Australian Sun.
We had a good time.
I know it doesn't show well in the picture,
but the fabrics in this quilt are just gorgeous.
This afternoon I will be teaching Free Motion quilting at

Always so much to do....

Friday, February 11, 2011

Terry Waldren

I attended the AVQA ,
Antelope Valley Quilt Association,
meeting last night.
We had a guest speaker:
She was wonderful and enjoyable.
She shared about 20 quilts in her trunk show.
These were a few of my favorite
(and seemed to be the ones I took better pictures of).
 I love her use of color and her freedom to create
whatever she desires.
 Her quilts are fun and her stories
are even funnier.
 I will be attending her workshop on Saturday.
Hopefully, I too, will create something fun.
This one is done entirely by hand.
You can't see it in the picture,
but there is beading and beautiful stitching on it.

I was fortunate to share a lunch meal
with Terry and a few other ladies today.

Can't wait for tomorrow's workshop!

Show you later whatever I make...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun Monday!

I had a great day trip with my friend Dawna today!
This is her wonderful, fun little car.
We traveled around Southern California today,
the weather was absolutely gorgeous.
We had the top down all day!
 We went to the greatest needlepoint shop ever!
This is a fabulous shop.
I picked up some fun items for embellishing quilts.
Beads and specialty threads and such.
Dawna picked up a needlepoint that she had them
make into a wonderful pillow.
Check out the great Valentine projects in the display.
I have decided there is not enough time for me
to do all the things I want to do in life.
I truly loved their Valentine and Halloween items.
There were just sooo many lovelies to look at.

We had a wonderful lunch with Dawna's friend Karen.
It was delicious and delightful.
What a great day.

Dawna and I also saw this unique car
and had to turn around just to get a picture to share.
Crazy, huh?
I hope you had a wonderful, sun shiny day as well.
Maybe tomorrow I will create again.

Till then,
enjoy your day,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grandpa Bud's Quilt

So, last time I told you a bit about Grandpa Bud.
He was my husband's step dad.
He was grandpa to our children.
He came to many school, athletic and family events.

He was our beloved Grandpa Bud.

I had been coerced by my friend Dawna
at our first JAM (just another Monday) session
to get busy with Grandpa Bud's quilt.

I had begun collecting train fabric
and started this quilt a few years back.
Now it was time to get it done.

Grandpa loved trains, the old steam engine type.
I researched some train heralds and got busy.
So this is how I made the train heralds,
also known as logos.
I traced to logo onto freezer paper.
I cut out areas with an exacto knife.
I pressed the freezer paper to fabric.
Next I stippled paint mixed with textile medium over the freezer paper,
waited for the paint to dry,
then I pressed it with the iron to heat set.
When I removed the freezer paper...
Ta da!!
This is the quilt top in progress
Here is the top with the border.
I finished the quilt on Friday night, January 7th.
Shared the quilt with Grandpa on Saturday morning.
We covered him with it and he passed on Sunday night.

In loving memory,
Grandpa Bud