Thursday, October 6, 2016

Patriotism & Poppies

Today is my day.

We are nearing the very end of
The Road Home Row Along.

I hope you have enjoyed travelin
 the world and collecting Rows.
A special thank you to
Marian @ Seams to be Sew and
Every one stand up and give them
a great big round of applause!

I am in the Mojave Desert,
more specifically the Antelope Valley.
I suppose you are expecting an antelope.
Well, rumor has it they used to exist here.
Although I have never seen an antelope in this valley.

I have seen poppies!
Lots and lots of poppies!

Maybe we should have been called
Poppy Valley.
We do have the Poppy Reserve
about 15 miles from our home.

Those are my beautiful girls
(a few years back).

We also have Edwards Air Force Base
and Plant 42.
Many aircraft have been built in our valley
(even the Space Shuttle).
Frequently there are fabulous planes in our sky.

It just so happens
that many years ago I worked for
Northrop Grumman, B2 Bomber Division.

That plane has a soft spot in my heart.
That is why I chose to share it on my Row.

So, let's get to the Row.

Here is Patriotism & Poppies.
I love hand applique.
So that is the technique I used,
but you may use for favorite technique
to complete this Row.
 Patriotism & Poppies

You can find the pattern on my
Craftsy Pattern Page too!
Just click on the digital image below
(by the way, I design in EQ7).

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