Saturday, March 23, 2013

Amethyst Quilt in the Las Vegas Textile Show

There it is in the Exclusively Quilters Booth:IMG_1617

It was exciting for me to have 2 quilts in shows at the same time.  First in Portland, then in Las Vegas.  How overwhelming!

When I was in Vegas I stayed with Niccolo and Carissa and their new puppy, Wally!


Wally sure is a cutie-pie!

A couple of days before I got to see him, he got into Carissa’s lipstick:


I have been home for a few days, but I am just now starting to get over the trip.  My sewing machine and I got re-acquainted yesterday and today!  It was nice to spend time sewing again.

Now I have some pattern writing to do, so…

Blog at you later,


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