Thursday, June 30, 2011

B2B!!! Back to Blogging!!

I am just gonna jump right back in...
I have had life happen,
just like everyone else,
but no need to bore you.
Let's get to the good stuff.
I visited a store today I haven't been to before.
Glendora, California
This is a very fun store!
 I love this quilt above the register,
I hear there is a class for this.
And look...
a room fill of Batiks (my favorite)!!

So I am going to start easy.
So that is it for tonight.

Tomorrow I do meet with my Nimble Thimble group,
and guess what?
Our next slice piece is due.
Here is the picture that we are transforming into a quilt...
I will try to get back and share the pictures
of the pieces with you tomorrow.

Blog at you later,