Monday, December 31, 2012

Nick Took Over My Quilt Space!

Last night it froze in the Antelope Valley.  Nick was out late.  When he jumped on his bike to head to our house he heard and felt the seat crack under him.  At first he thought it was a layer of ice, but nope!  That poor old seat just couldn’t take the weather any longer!


So now what to do? Well, I started to look for new seats online.  Yikes!  $200 +

That won’t work right now.  Re-upholster?  Not sure about that idea either.  Nick said he may just have to resort to duct tape.  I suggested sheets of duct tape.  Well, that’s where the adventure really took shape.  We headed out, first to Taco Bell (gotta get my fix), then to Michaels.  We located the duct tape display and what does my boy pick?  Pink Zebra!  4 sheets should do…DSC06695He spread it out and started to pieced it together, trying to match up the design.DSC06696He put all 4 sheets together with a little overlap and started to devise a plan.  Scott stopped by and suggested the use of a blow dryer to help stretch the duct tape over the seat.DSC06697Here is Nick, getting mentally prepared!  Can you see the gears working in his brain as he plans out the next move?


Going for it…

DSC06699Ta Daa!  Seat complete!DSC06703Here it is mounted back on the bike!  Actual work time @ 50 minutes!  Now to ride!!DSC06704

I am linking this project to Between Naps on the Porch Before and After Mondays!

I know this post is a bit crazy, but so is my life!  Always fun to share the crazy stuff!

Blog at you later,


Friday, December 7, 2012

BlockBase Sew Along – Block 5 Link Up!

So much to do…

and I decide to work on the Block for the Block Base sew along!  I now have Block 1 and Block 5!Block 5

Here is my version on Block 5.  This is actually Block #1755.  I started with 8” blocks, so with 8” blocks I shall continue.  This block is based on 9-patch design, which means it does not come out very nice in the math category.  I printed out Foundation Pattern Templates, this means I paper pieced this block (not my favorite way to make a simple block, but the only accurate way when the math is not right).

I placed the block in an on point setting added some sashing, corner stones and borders and here is my creation.  I rather like it!

Block 5 Quilt

I do have to go to work this afternoon, so I shall just give this quick glimpse into this mornings creations and move along.

So, I must blog at you later,


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Think I’ve Been Bitten!!

Bitten by the embroidery bug!

Oh, what have I done?DSC06627Once you start, well.. when does it stop?DSC06646I am guessing never!  I have been crazily (is that even a word) creating the pieces for Villages.  I am creating Churches & Bakery’s & Victorian Styles Houses.  I am sort of a construction worker (you think)?DSC06626Not so sure about the assembly process.  I will have to let you know how that goes later.DSC06628Here is one church.  My beautiful Lindsay started to assemble the first of my pieces.  What a sweetie-pie.


I have to give credit to my friend, Peggy, for this new found addiction. Peggy is my enabler! 

I have been asked lately what I have been up to.  Now you know!  Of course, I have a few other things going on as well.  More of that later.  At this point I am just trying to re-enter the blogging world.  It’s always hard to do it all, do I create or do I blog?  Well, I kinda need to create before I can blog, but to find time to do it all is beyond me.  I sure wish I could learn to go without sleep, but that just doesn’t seem to work for me.  So, all I can do now is tell you I will try to be better at posting, we will see how that goes.  Thanks for checking in on me,

Blog at you later,


Friday, November 9, 2012

New Marine!

TOM LOVELAND61598_4500234116559_1014667856_n (1)This is my nephew!  I am so proud! This was the first time I have attended a Graduation Ceremony for a Marine.  It was an awesome experience.  If you ever have a reason to attend, may I strongly suggest you do.DSC06603

The young men and women who decide to join the Marine Corps are amazing individuals, and when they complete the Boot Camp they are strong, respectful and just inspiring.

374037_4503307953403_1524983308_n (1)

I loved the experience.  My dad was in the Marine Corps before I was born, but is very proud to have served his county.  Once a Marine, Always a Marine.  He was in attendance today and I am sure he was delighted with the choice Tom has made.

155326_4500087712899_1482140296_n (1)

This is my sister with her boy (young man)!  She is one proud Mom!  There were many of Tom’s family present today.  We were all very proud of him!

After Tom was released to his family, we hung out for a while (Tom got some civilian clothes) and then we headed out for a meal of his choice.  Tom has been to California before (born here actually) but had lived in Michigan most of his life.  Guess what the meal was that he chose?


I think this may be a popular choice for many new Marines!  We shared with Tom that there is a burger called the 4 x 4 (4 patties and 4 cheese slices) and something else called Animal Fries (fries topped with cheese, sauce and sautéed onions)!  Well, Tom ordered those items along with a shake.  He consumed it all in about 5 minutes and could have eaten more.  Next he needed a new phone!  Got that one taken care of as well. 

Tom is getting some well deserved time off (10 days)!  Then he will be back at it.  Once again, I want to say that I am a proud Aunt!  Congratulations Tom!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I’m in LOVE with Roxanne’s, A Wish and a Dream!

DSC06560I have been to Carpinteria before (year after year, except for this past summer).  Guess what happened while I was gone?  The Treasure Chest Quilt store closed.


Well, we stopped by today on our way home from Pismo Beach.  A new store has opened!


A Wonderful Store

Roxanne’s, A Wish and a Dream!DSC06561

Just gonna give you a tour!  Check out this sign, it caught my attention.DSC06562This little sitting area was quite adorable!  Check out the color of the booth and chairs.  Wow!DSC06563The black and white fabrics are displayed on this great shelf!DSC06564So much to took at.  It’s like eye candy everywhere!!!  I loved this sign!DSC06565The furniture in the store is quite eclectic.  Can you see the pink dresser at the bottom of this picture.  I would never think to put pink with the fall display, but it totally works in this store.DSC06566Check out this creature!!  How cool is she?DSC06568Oh, side note!  I noticed that there were many, many Featherweights in this store, so…  I asked if they happen to sell just the cord to plug them in.  Remember the machine my Grandma Toni gave me a while back?  I needed a cord.  Well, they had one.  I bought it, brought it home and look it works!!!  YIPPY!DSC06575Ok, a couple more shots before we headed home.DSC06569DSC06570DSC06571One more look back.  Look at the colors Roxanne painted tis shelf?  Roxanne was quite a sweet lady.  I am so glad I got to stop by the store!DSC06573One more close up, and by the way, I do luv the beach!DSC06572My goodies were packed up in the adorable bag.  There were boxes and boxes of them in the driveway.  They had just arrived and I was the first lucky customer to get to take one home!DSC06576

I have arrived home, safe and sound.  Tired and ready for dinner. 

So I will have to blog at you later,


Time to head home.

This time away went by really fast!  It started off a bit tough.  Lindsay (my youngest daughter) dislocated her knee shortly after I arrived at the condo.  She was at home and I was 180 miles away.  She was with a group of people.  911 was called, she traveled to the Emergency Room in an ambulance.  They gave her pain killers and popped her knee back in.  She was home within a couple of hours.  She is one tough cookie, and beautiful (but I am her mom, so I can say that)!4 you approved

I can’t show you much of what I did for the past few days, I have been testing blocks for a magazine and although I am sure you would love to see them, I don’t think that would be a good move on my part.  Here is a consolation prize…DSC06557a picture of my trash bowl (just wanted you to know I have been a busy girl).  Ok, I must pack up and check out.

Blog at you later,


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Hidden Gem! Sew Stitchin’ Quilt Shop!

DSC06539I found a quilt store in a little beach town called Grover Beach.  As I walked in the door I must have let out a happy little sigh!  Batiks, I love Batiks (did you know?).DSC06532Here is another row of fabrics.  See the fat quarters just above the bolts?DSC06533This display is just inside the front door.DSC06537Aren’t these cool.  I think there are 5 yard cuts (I could be wrong, my listening skills were not working so well, there were way too many fabrics talking to me).DSC06535

Isn’t this just adorable?DSC06538So, if you ever find yourself at Grover Beach (or anywhere even close), may I suggest you don't miss stopping in at Sew Stitchin’ Quilt Shop!  Oh, by the way, here are the fabrics that sang to me the loudest!  I needed some grey batiks, and here they are!DSC06534After the quilt store, I took myself out for a little more shopping.  I found these dishes, there is fabric coming in to Bolts in the Bathtub to match.  My kitchen will be displaying not only these dishes, but some of that fabric as well!IMG_1314Guess what else I found?  A spider ring!!  This is so unusual for me to make this kind of purchase, but I talked myself into it!  I plan to display it right there on my finger until Halloween!  So, if you happen to see me, ask to see my spider ring!IMG_1315Now for some pumpkins!!!  I love Autumn & Pumpkins!!  Aren’t these just gorgeous?DSC06544

Those ones with all the bumps on them are actually kinda pink under the bumps.  The sign said they were princess pumpkins.  Very unusual indeed!DSC06547I did sneak Scott out of his work/meeting commitments tonight.  We walked the pier in Avila Beach (another awesome place to visit) and had dinner together. 

DSC06551They are supposed to let him out of this Manager’s Meeting tomorrow about noon, then we shall head on home.  I have had a great time here in Pismo Beach. Hope I can make it here every year for long, long time!

Blog at you later,