Friday, November 17, 2017

Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Vol 16 Block Tour Road Rally

Welcome to California, I'm so glad you stopped by.
I hope you are enjoying the Road Rally.
If you are, great!  If your not sure what I'm talking about click on the car below and jump on in.

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks has done it again.
Volume 16 is packed full of new quilty inspiration.

If you are new to my blog, let me introduce myself.
I am Tiffany Hayes of Needle in a Hayes Stack.

I am a lover of all thing quilt related.
I find inspiration everywhere.
After that, I design, piece, quilt and write patterns to help make the world just a bit more colorful.
I even travel and teach.  It's a pretty cool gig.

I have been married for 30 years
(dang I sound old, but I don't feel like I am).
Scott, my husband, has joined in on the design process recently.
Scott is digitizing machine quilting designs to complement the quilts I create.
It's a really cool thing.

Well, let's get to the good stuff,
the block and the chance to win!

Here is my block - Icicle Burst #1535

I know what your thinking, what's a California girl know about icicles?

Well, I live in the Mojave Desert.
It gets really hot here in the summer - like 110 degrees.
It get's good and cold in the winter - down to single digits on occasion.  And yes, we do get a little snow at our house once in a while.

So, it's a pretty cool block, right?
Well, lets see what happens when we put a few of them together.

Let the magic happen....

The quilt above has sashing and cornerstones.
So does the quilt below, but isn't it amazing when you change the fabrics?
I design with Electric Quilt and am in love with the new EQ8.

So, now let me put these blocks on point for you.

Is that crazy? or what?

This is gonna be a long post (sorry).
I need to tell you that I have a tendency to overthink things.
That will become obvious in just a little bit.

Now I need to show you the machine quilting design Scott created for this block.

Here is where the overthinking comes into play.
I decided that this would be a cool quilting design for a table runner.

Well, I did that and it was okay, not amazing.

I was then thinking "I wonder what the thickest thread is that I can run through Elle (that would be my long arm).
My mind kept going and I remembered I had couching feet for Elle.
I decided to couch a whole cloth quilt.
Here is my practice piece.

Now that you have read completely through my post, I would like to invite you to follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram.  I would really love to have you join me.

I have a Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine to give away.
If you leave me a comment below, I will use a randomizer and choose a winner.
This promotion will run until midnight on Tuesday, November 21, then I will pick a name at random and announce the winner.
Thank you for visiting! 
I will contact the winner for there information and get the prize shipped directly to you.

So, if I have caused you to have more questions about me or my quilt life just ask them below.

Now, on to the next blog, I think you should probably move on or your Road Trip might take all day.

Blog at you later,

The drawing for the free magazine is now closed.
The winner is Anita!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Hera - The Greek Goddess of Women and Marriage

Introducing Hera!
This is my new Block of the Month
Believe it or not it is a 6-part program.

Because it is what I consider a Goddess Quilt it is best if you have The Goddess Tool (which you can find on my website).

The Goddess Tool is included as a paper version in the first pattern.

Lindsay (youngest daughter) got married in April 2017.  She asked me to make her a wedding quilt!  Of course I said yes!
She wanted her quilt in gray tones and she helped pick out the fabrics.I asked Lindsay if she cared if I turned her quilt into a Block of the Month pattern.
Lindsay gave me full permission to do so (whew)!
I think this is a great quilt (no curve piecing by the way).

Here is Lindsay's quilt.

Scott (my husband and Lindsay's dad) who I also refer to as the Great Digitizer, created the machine quilting designs which he then quilted onto Hera.
Check out the close up below:

This design could stand alone as a whole cloth quilt.
He is amazing (yes, I said that).

The pattern for Hera is available on our website:

If you would like to sign up for a Block of the Month with Hera that includes fabric too, check out Stitchin' Heaven.  
The program will start with them in February 2018.
You might be able to locate it at other shops too.

The digitized design will be available on the website around the beginning of 2018 (maybe sooner).

Thanks for stopping by.
Blog at you later,

Friday, April 21, 2017

GLAM - a fun & funky quilt!


It sure has been a while since I blogged, let's see if I can remember how!

I have this crazy new quilt pattern.
I call it GLAM - and it is fun & funky!

I want to thank Brit, for the use of his truck in the above photo.
I also need to thank Cadillac Pat & Jen for the use of their homestead for photography.
I love you all!

The fabric featured in this quilt is Maker Maker by Sarah Golden for Andover Fabrics.

You can find the pattern on my website if you click HERE.

It is also available on Craftsy if you click on the quilt picture below.

I don't know why, but I really love this quilt!
I hope you do as well
(or if you just think I'm off my rocker, that's okay too).

Blog at you later,

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Patriotism & Poppies

Today is my day.

We are nearing the very end of
The Road Home Row Along.

I hope you have enjoyed travelin
 the world and collecting Rows.
A special thank you to
Marian @ Seams to be Sew and
Every one stand up and give them
a great big round of applause!

I am in the Mojave Desert,
more specifically the Antelope Valley.
I suppose you are expecting an antelope.
Well, rumor has it they used to exist here.
Although I have never seen an antelope in this valley.

I have seen poppies!
Lots and lots of poppies!

Maybe we should have been called
Poppy Valley.
We do have the Poppy Reserve
about 15 miles from our home.

Those are my beautiful girls
(a few years back).

We also have Edwards Air Force Base
and Plant 42.
Many aircraft have been built in our valley
(even the Space Shuttle).
Frequently there are fabulous planes in our sky.

It just so happens
that many years ago I worked for
Northrop Grumman, B2 Bomber Division.

That plane has a soft spot in my heart.
That is why I chose to share it on my Row.

So, let's get to the Row.

Here is Patriotism & Poppies.
I love hand applique.
So that is the technique I used,
but you may use for favorite technique
to complete this Row.
 Patriotism & Poppies

You can find the pattern on my
Craftsy Pattern Page too!
Just click on the digital image below
(by the way, I design in EQ7).

Do you want to see what else I create?
Click the Instructor link below:

While you are there, check out my Craftsy class:

Now for more fun!
We have prizes for you...

Don't forget to enter the giveaways.
Leave a comment on my blog and enter to win.

Good luck!
Hope you have enjoyed the entire Row along!

Please share your pictures with me:

Blog at you later,

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Encyclopedia Quilt

Fabric just arrived!!

I love it when there is new fabric
to cut up and sew back together.

Here is what came today:
by Studio 1500 for Andover Fabrics.

This is what it shall become:

The pattern is available on my website:
or at

I did a quick search and found the fabric
will be available late September at

I am sure you can request it from your
Local Quilt Store.

I will be posting pictures as the quilt progresses.
Follow the progress on my

or on

Blog at you later,

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Road Home RAL

Today is the Day!

I told you it would be here before we new it!

I cannot believe how fast time seems to be flying by.

There are four FREE Rows for you to gather today
and many more to come.

I am posting the entire schedule for you.
I am at the very bottom.
Please check out all the bloggers
and then come back to get my Row on
October 6th (just a month from now).

The Road Home Row Along Schedule

September 6

Allie-Oops SweetHappy Life 
creates Harrisville, MI Sunrise Coast
Cynthia’s Creating Ark
creates Adelaide South Australia
Kissed Quilts
creates Grand Coulee, Washington
Renee's Quilting Addiction
creates Alberta, Canada

September 8

Sew Incredibly Crazy
creates Colorado
Quilt in Piece
creates Amanzimtoti, South Africa
3 Patch Crafts
creates Bulgaria
Just Let Me Quilt
creates Las Vegas, Nevada

September 13

Tweety Loves Quilting
creates Edinburgh, UK
creates Heber City/ SLC
Seams To Be Sew
creates Idaho Falls, Idaho
Pine Valley
creates New Zealand

September 15

bdieges designs
creates Road to Tehachapi (CA)
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
creates Worcester County in Central Massachusetts
Cloth and Paper Studio
creates North Georgia Mountains
Patti’s Patchwork
creates Toronto, Ontario Canada
creates New Milford, Connecticut

September 20

creates Denmark
Heleen Pinkster
creates Netherlands
Seams To Be Sew For Batts In The Attic -- date may change
creates Hollywood/LA
Rebecca Mae Designs
creates Northern Maine

September 22

Words & Stitches
creates Beaches of California
Quilt Art
creates Africa
I Can Quilt 2
creates Baltimore, MD
Any Pattern
creates Port Angeles, Washington

September 27

Creatin’ in the Sticks
creates Dodge City, Kansas
MooseStash Quilting
creates Alaska
Patchwork Breeze
creates West Michigan Shoreline
Sue Griffiths Featured At Just Let Me Quilt
creates Northern Rivers Region, NSW, Australia

September 29

Quilted Fabric Art
creates Burlington Vermont
Westend Quilter
creates Manitoulin Island, Canada
Pamela Quilts
creates Oregon
Quilt Fabrication
creates Silicon Valley, CA

October 04

Linda Robertus
creates Netherlands
Elm Street Quilts
creates North Carolina
Sarah Quinn Featured At Seams To Be Sew
creates Outer Space
creates Central New Mexico

October 06

Cheryl LaPlant Featured At Quilt In Piece
creates York, Maine
Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse
creates New Hampshire
Bumbleberry Stitches
creates Oklahoma
Needle in a Hayes Stack
creates Mojave Desert

October 11
Show N Tell Day

Thanks for checking in,
Blog at you later,

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Who wants to go on a great adventure?
Well, get ready!
We are going to begin before you know it!
Click on the picture below to get more information.

There are 48 designers/bloggers participating
from all over the world.
I will share more info over the next month.

Just know that there are many Rows for you to collect!
Each designer has something special for you.
You won't want to miss a single one!

Blog at you later,