Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An Unexpected Adventure

Scott came home this morning and asked what I had planned for today. "Quilting, of course". I could tell he needed something. That something was a ride to Inyokern. Well, that is about 75 miles from home. I agreed, knowing there were a couple of quilt store that I had yet to visit in Ridgecrest. Ridgecrest is only about 10 miles beyond where Scott needed to be dropped off.

So, off we went! After we reached Inyokern I proceeded to the first quilt store on my oh so spontaneous journey. A visit to The Quilted Quail.

Here are my gatherings:
Batiks, of course. Believe it or not, I am not really in need of fabric at this moment, but I am a self-proclaimed Batik Freak, so I had to take some home with me. The pins were just cute! A few months back my Grandma Toni gave me her precious pin cushion. I don't think it would mean much to too many others, but I remember her using this pin cushion when I was just a young girl. It now belongs to me, but we emptied it if most of her pins before transfer of ownership. Now I plan to fill it up with adorable pointy objects and these will be the first.

Anyway, I had quite an enjoyable visit at The Quilted Quail and came away with my goodies in the cute bag. I always love it when a store sends you off with your precious items in a bag to mark where they were gathered.


On to the next stop. I found my way to Fabrics, Notions & More.

I gathered a few more batiks and some black bicycle spokes (I know that's not what it looks like to you, but that is what I see). I do need to get those bicycles done that I have been appliquéing.

The ladies were wonderful to talk to, this was quite a pleasant unintended day. When I arrived home there was another box just begging for me to open it. What was it you ask? More Downton Abbey fabric. Wow! I really need to get some quality one on one time with my sewing machine. Ok, here's a peek at what came today.



Now it's time to go make some dinner, maybe I will piece in a bit.

Blog at you later,