Friday, March 29, 2013

A Friendship Group Show and Share

I visited my Nimble Thimble group this morning.  I have not been in months.  The group is full of a wonderful bunch of friends.  Most of us have been together for many, many years.  Life takes its turns.  Sometimes there is an absence,  lately that has been me. They welcomed me as if I never was away!  Here is what was out on the table when I arrived:DSC06991

It seemed very familiar to me.  Why?  Well, I made it many moons ago.  I remember piecing this tree while Nick was at City of Hope (over 8 years ago).  We were deciding if we could bring it to life.  I think we may pass it around, add borders, embellish and quilt it.  This little tree just may grow up to be awesome (I know this group pretty well, over achievers we are).  I just kept looking at it thinking “We need to tone down that blue, what was I thinking?”

Well, they let me ramble on and on about all my new adventures!  What a patient and wonderful group!

Next, Margaret shared this absolutely adorable baby quilt.  She had made it for her grand-daughter, Maggie Rose.  Turns out that Maggie Rose was actually a little boy, funny how life works.  Well, there is a new grand baby coming into the world soon, maybe this one will be Maggie Rose, if so, her quilt is ready!

DSC06992I loved this quilt when Margaret shared it before and I love it now!  It is really cute and very well made.  Can you see the hand stitches in the quilt and the embroidery on the shoes?


Margaret has not one, but two grandbabies coming in the next few months.  She is busy stitching this adorable Noah’s Ark quilt as well.


It is light and hard to see, so here are a couple close-ups:DSC06995

This will be another sweet quilt.DSC06996

Well, I visited (monopolized the whole meeting) and was off just as fast as I swooped in.  On to the next thing.  Writing some pattern instructions (in my opinion, the worst part of quilting).  But it must be done!

So, blog at you later,


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Amethyst Quilt in the Las Vegas Textile Show

There it is in the Exclusively Quilters Booth:IMG_1617

It was exciting for me to have 2 quilts in shows at the same time.  First in Portland, then in Las Vegas.  How overwhelming!

When I was in Vegas I stayed with Niccolo and Carissa and their new puppy, Wally!


Wally sure is a cutie-pie!

A couple of days before I got to see him, he got into Carissa’s lipstick:


I have been home for a few days, but I am just now starting to get over the trip.  My sewing machine and I got re-acquainted yesterday and today!  It was nice to spend time sewing again.

Now I have some pattern writing to do, so…

Blog at you later,


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Can you Help my son, Nick?

I just want to start this blog post by saying:  Nick is just fine!
He has been cancer free for over 8 years!
There will always be physical and emotional side effects from having cancer and there is a wonderful Cancer Summit he is hoping to attend in April.

This is my son, Nick.  10 years ago he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma.
Nick's Back 2
See that lump on the right shoulder blade?
That was it!  The cancer!
Nick's Back
It was a long hard journey, for Nick, for our family.Nick & Bike
He often had a smile on his face, even when it was tough.Nick
There were many, many surgeries.
Nick's little shoulder scar
This was the big one:
Nick's big scar side view
The took out his entire shoulder and replaced it with metal.  13 hours of surgery.
Nick's big scar with smile
Can you see that right shoulder, it dips a bit.  This doesn’t slow Nick down.
Hospital 2008 004
He was diagnosed over 8 years ago with a second cancer.  This time it was Leukemia.  He needed a bone marrow transplant.  This is Carissa (Nick’s sister) she was a match and became his donor.
Nick had been cancer free for over 8 years.
Queen Latifah 10
Why do I share?  Well, Nick is now 23, he is a good person.  He volunteer coaches a youth volleyball team, he has done many fund raisers for American Cancer Society and last year he was a camp counselor at Ronald McDonald Camp.  He is trying to raise money to attend a Young Adult Cancer Summit.  I am asking for financial support for my son.  This will help me personally and help others when he gives back.
Can you help him? Even just a little?
Here is a link where you can make a donation:
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2 Store Shop Hop in Portland

First stop, Cool Cottons!  I love to find a great store in a really cool setting.  I loved this store in this house!  The fabric collection is very modern!DSC06969I have decided I really want to make a Modern Quilt!  Not sure if it is in me or not.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

DSC06970So back to the store.  I loved how clean and crisp the feel of the store is.DSC06971Check out the tangerine collection.  At one time in my quilting life I did not appreciate this color, but it sure is refreshing to me know.DSC06972I think the wood floor and wood trim really gave a great feel to this house and therefore this store.DSC06973Ok, you knew I would have to find some goodies to take home, well here they are.  I couldn’t get much more in my suitcase, so I had to be picky!

DSC06974On the store number 2, Fabric Depot!


This store is just what the name implies.  It is a Depot for sure.  Soooo much fabric (you know I love fabric, I was quite at home in the warehouse), but this was just too much for me.  I must have a love for the quaint little shop, because that is where I seem to be the happiest.  Don’t get me wrong, there was every fabric, from every maker right there in one place.  All it lacked really was personality.


I did find another version of Daniela’s quilt. That’s 2 versions in 2 days. She sure is popular!

DSC06976I did manage to find myself some more eye candy to bring home with me.  These sure seem soft and calm for me.  I think I may not be used to the hoopla and excitement of this travel adventure.


I am now at the airport, waiting for my flight to Las Vegas (this adventure isn’t quite over yet).  Flight in 20 minutes, so…

Blog at you later,


Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Trends Show was Fabulous!

Here it is...
This is my new Block of the Month!  
I tried and tried to name this quilt.
I Googled, used the Dictionary, the Thesaurus and nothing was working.
Then one day while sitting at a red light, I thought...
I wonder if there is a Greek Goddess of the Stars.

Well, as soon as I got home, I Googled again and there it was... Asteria! 
That is now the name of this beauty!

It was met with overwhelming support by the fabric reps!
They really made me feel like we have a winner here!
I will tell your more about it in a future blog.
As for now I have so much more to share.
The two lovely ladies in the picture above sure made my weekend.
They made sure I was taken care of.
They made sure I ate and shared my quilt information,
was filmed, got to create new quilts,
and just had a bit of quiet time in the midst of all the
crazy positive responses I was getting.

Gail and Debbie, thank you very much! 
I don't know what more I can say,
you really made my time in Portland special!
You are both amazing!

The fabric above has been designed by
I first met Stephanie about 8 years ago
(when Nick was having Bone Marrow Transplant at City of Hope).
Stephanie always was concerned about Nick and sweet to me.
I could just come to her store for no other reason than I just needed
to escape the hospital and be in a beautiful place.
I don't know if I really ever got to thank her for that,
so Stephanie... THANKS!

I have taught at her store before as well.
I am so happy that she is designing Batiks
(I love, love, love Batiks in case you didn't know)!
I am a girl who likes high contrast, but Stephanie's designs really sooth me. 
Congrats Stephanie!
By the way, it seems to me that you are a legend at e.e.Schenk!

Next, I found this beautiful sample hanging in the warehouse.
This one was designed by Daniela of Cozy Quilts.
Daniela is another wonderful person.
She has inspired me and I am always at awe of each and every one of her new patterns.
She is cute and sassy and I just love her smile and excitement.
I hear she wants me to move to the San Diego area
(I'm afraid to tell her I just don't think its gonna happen).  

So, on to some pic from Trends!
Here are a couple of quilts that met you as you came into the warehouse.
There were shelves and shelves of products!
I thought I was in love with quilt stores, but this is a whole new level of excitement!

There are quilts on display throughout the place.

Check out all the shoppers and all their carts full of goods!

Now where do you think I was spending some of my time
In the Batik isle, of course!

There was so much to see and do!
There were Make & Takes, or Teach & Takes, or something along those lines
(I can't remember what they were really called),
but I visited the Terial Arts booth and made a Poppy!
I know my poppy is blue (not the typical California Poppy),
but I love it anyway!
It was fun and easy to make.
Terry has a great new product!
I was so excited and busy I almost forgot today was Sunday,
but never fear,
I got myself to church this morning.
St Andrew!
I snapped a picture of the front of the church.
It has so much character and the stained glass windows were just beautiful.   
Tomorrow morning I have a little time to check out local quilt stores, and that is my plan.
I will let you know how it goes.
I will let you in on a little secret...
I can quilt like a crazy woman, but I am directionally challenged!
Thank goodness I have GPS, but still I get myself lost almost every time I go out.
I hope this getting lost thing doesn't cut into my quilt store exploring too much.
I'll be sure to let you know how that goes,
but for now I must tell you:

I'll blog at you later,

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Blog Party is Over! Now for the Prize...

Apple Blossoms!

I will send an email to inform the winner!
Just a reminder, the winner will get 2 of my patterns
(of the winners choice)
sent via email.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and checking out my blog,
I think many of you ventured on over to see the quilts on my website as well. 
Once again, a big thanks!

On another quick note, it was an exciting day for me at the TRENDS show. 
The fabric reps seemed to love my new Block of the Month.
My head is swelling and my heart is full!
I am exhausted though.
A good nights sleep is in my forecast, then, back to the show again!

So, blog at you later,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I have made it to Portland Safely!

Here I am in Portland. This may not seem like a big deal, but to me it is! This is my first Quilt Trade Show (and am I excited). This is also the first time I have traveled alone. I mean on a plane, booking a car and staying at a hotel. I have always traveled with someone I knew, husband, kids, you know. But here I am out in the big world! I am traveling around in a cute little car:

I went by the location of the trade show on my way to the hotel (just so it will look familiar tomorrow morning).

I don’t travel a lot, so when I do I like it when I notice interesting things. I noticed a location that had many Solar City vehicles. I would guess this is for solar panel installations. I think you need a lot of sun for solar panels to work, are you with me? I am in Portland, do they see the sun much here? We have just had solar panels put on our home, but we live in the sunny desert of Southern California. I must say this was perplexing to me.

Next, the toilets at the airport had a strange duel flushing mode. I have never, ever seen this before (I am guessing it’s because I don’t get out of my sewing studio much):

Maybe you have all seen this before. I might need to get out a bit more, what do you think?

Well, tomorrow should be a very exciting day! I am sure I will have stories to share. Goodnight for now,

Blog at you later,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Grandma Toni’s Applique Quilt

I am trying to get myself together to get out of town, but my Grandma Toni sent this quilt to me to machine quilt.  She is giving it a a gift on Easter.DSC06949

I figured I better get right to it!  It arrived in my mailbox today and shall get back into the postal system sometime tomorrow.DSC06948I n the meantime, I thought you might like to take a gander at it!DSC06952I think my grandma is pretty darn amazing, don’t you?  Well, back to crossing stuff off my list!

Blog at you later,