Friday, May 25, 2018

Finish it Up & More!

here we are at the end of the Quilt Along journey.

I hope you all have enjoyed this as much as I have.

The blocks have been beautiful and inspiring to view.
I am sure the finished quilts will be a delight as well.

Here is a close up of the quilting on my version.
I am hoping you continue to post pictures right up to the point your quilts are quilted and bound.

Did you have leftovers? I did!

Once all my pieces were cut I decided to use up the rest of my batiks on a coordinating project.

I cut everything into squares and triangles and managed to get them stitched together in rows before my life was taken over by Quilt Market projects.

I plan to make a table topper for the unit that is under my television in the living room.

I challenge you to make something with your leftovers!

Piece them into the backing for you quilt, make a pillow, table topper or wall hanging.

Go ahead, knock our socks off!
I double dare ya.
Image result for double dare

Now, back to my vacation...

We have been at the Oregon Coast
since we left Quilt Market in Portland
and have to go home tomorrow. 

 While we were here, we ate and ate and ate.
We created a couple of blown glass pieces.
Here is mine.
I intended to make a wine glass,
but this would take half the bottle
(I guess that isn't really a problem, is it?)

Watched a master glass blower in action
(I might be bringing home a couple of pieces he created).
We spent time with family and friends
(you know who you are).
We drove up and down the coast while exploring paths rarely taken.
Did some Whale Watching.

Ping Pong, lots of Ping Pong.
Quilt Shops!

Toes in the Water. 

And relaxing.
Nothing soothes the soul like the crash of the ocean waves.

Well, I am off to enjoy the last of this vacation!
(and some more Ping Pong and Food).

So, Blog at you later,

Friday, May 18, 2018

Lots o' Blocks - Block 7

I hope you have done all those
Work Ahead Units
I have been pushing you to do!
Here is my stack.

Next, here is my stack of triangles!

Just like every other block,
I put my units into rows and my rows into blocks.
This step just leads many more blocks.

I tried to mix up the units and vary the fabrics.
I wanted to have my quilt with as much variety as I could.

Blocks, Blocks, Blocks!
So, you should have a pile of blocks
that looks similar to mine.
The picture above is Blocks 1 - 6, two of each.

We are really close to putting this baby together!

This post is kinda short and to the point.
I have traveled to Portland to attend Quilt Market.

Check out my Instagram for the next couple of days.
I plan to share some of my experiences while at Market.

Blog at you later,

Friday, May 11, 2018

Block 6 - Yay for Batiks

This block looks harder than it is.
Don't you just love that in a quilt?

It does have smaller pieces,
so that means a few more seams,
but so worth it.

My block uses batiks that do not have a specific direction.
Although, Lady K does an awesome job with her stripes.
If you have not seen her blocks you better
head over and check them out.

Cut, label, stitch into units.
Check out that Pinwheel in the middle.
That's where the magic starts.

When you assemble the units that middle Pinwheel grows into a cool Spinning Star.

This is the last week for the Work Ahead Units.
So, if you need to catch up, do it now!

Make sure you are posting your pictures on the
and on Instagram using #designerduoqal.

Next week we move on to some different triangle shapes, so get ready.

Most, if not all of the bloggers on this Quilt Along will be at Quilt Market next week.
Make sure you are checking on us regularly.
I am sure we will have exciting things to share.

Blog at you later,

Friday, May 4, 2018

Block 5 - Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

The prize you say?
What might it be?

Your finished quilt, of course.

I hope you are able to keep up.
I know, life get's in the way of quilting.

I understand.
I am a quilt addict (in case it doesn't show).
I quilt every. single. day. (well almost).

If I am not actually quilting, I am designing, planning or at least looking at pictures of quilts.

It is a complex situation.
Lucky for me, Scott (wonderful husband) doesn't seem to mind the fact that I seem to have forgotten how to cook.  He is cooking frequently these days.  He even tells me that he enjoys cooking (thank goodness).

Let's get down to business (my brain just broke into song). 
Anyone else ever do that?

If you have been following along on my blog you know my routine.
I haven't changed it.

Cut and label.

Stitch into units.

Stitch Units into the Block.
Do the Work Ahead Units.

Really, do them!
You will be happy in a couple of weeks if all those extra 4-Patches are already assembled.

By the way, I love the earthy tones in this block.
Oh, and that Ohio Star popping out, WOW!

back to Quilt Market prep.
I've got some secret sewing going on over here.

Blog at you later,