Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lots of Sharing

Here are many pictures from the
Nimble Thimble meeting over a week ago.
First is this beautiful Autumn table runner that Leni was working on.
Jacque shared some fabric that she and Linda had done rubbings on,
cool stuff.
Margaret shared a couple of quilts she was working on.
First a cute kids quilt...
Margaret also made a quilt as you go quilt for her Mom.
On one side there are warm colors...
and the other side has soft pastels.
Linda showed up with more stenciled fabrics.
I loved the leaves, so here is a close up.
There are some very beautiful quilts in Margaret's home.
I warned her to keep an eye on the front door in case someone
(namely me!)
tried to sneak out with one of these gorgeous quilts.

Ok, back to work for me.

Blog at you later,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Did you think I was gone forever?

Well,  I am not!!

I have been very busy.
I did all right at the Fair.
I took 2 Second Place ribbons and 1 First Place!
Not too bad.

What's in my applique basket, you ask?
A Turkey!!
A fine item to have in a basket,
don't you think?
This is how my turkey is coming out.
I still have some applique to do on him,
then a border and quilting.
This is what the pattern looked like...
A bit too pale for me.
I started this guy soooo many years ago,
that when I got him out of his zippered bag
I was surprised to find out that the pattern pieces
I had drawn years ago with a water soluble pen,
had disappeared!

How long ago do think I started this Turkey?
I am guessing at least 4 years ago.
About time he gets finished, don't you think?
I think I can get him done for this Thanksgiving!

Now on to something else...
I designed this quilt on Friday.
Started writing up the instructions.
Dawna graciously offered to make the stars
and I accepted.
 So, here it is,
and I wanted to spend a bit of time
with my sewing machine.
We have missed each other lately.
I began to cut strips and start sewing them together.
Look what I did...
the picture above shows that
the landscape piece is just too short!

I think I have forgotten all my
quilting knowledge in the last few weeks.

Now what to do?
Should I change the pattern and get back to sewing
should I get more fabric and try it again.
I am still undecided.

Anyway, this is what I designed it to look like...
Just a side note, 
I have taken on a new project
at Bolts in the Bathtub.
We are getting ready to launch
a new website with an online store.
Guess who is loading merchandise
and classes and such on this website?
it's me.

That's where I have been lately.
Just spending heaps of time with fabric,
kits and of course my computer.

I do miss blogging though,
so lets see if I can get my act together
do it all!!

Blog at you later,
Off to shuck some corn for dinner,