Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quilt Market 2013 - Day 1

What a great, long, wonderful, exhausting day. Let me start with a few of my favorite quilts from the quilt exhibit.

I think we should start with the Birds and the Bees. So here are the birds: Ricky & Lucy.

I tried to get a bit closer so you could see the quilting. Amazing!
I wanted to get the information for each quilt I share, so here is the sheet that went along with the birds.
Now for the bee!
And the bee close-up.

Oh, there are so many beauties. What shall I show next...



How about the Hoffman Challenge? I liked this one, of course there were many beautiful entries.
A view of the Hoffman dolls.
I seem to be having a thing for clocks, gears, keys, old door hinges and such, so I was drawn to this quilt.

How about another bird? The eyes are truly amazing!

This puppy was so alive.

I fell in love with this quilt. Pictures do not do it justice. Hand quilted, just wanted to point that out!



There will more quilts to share later, for now I want to share some more fun from my day. This is a really blurry picture, but the best one I have. This is the Costume Designer and the Production Designer from the Downton Abbey series.

This is my signed brochure. I will be framing this and it will hang in my studio.

This is the display in the Andover booth at Market for the Downton Abbey projects. I have a something in there.

What else can I tell you, oh, I was led to believe one of my quilts is wanted by a magazine (yippy). That is always a good feeling.

I got a Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets mini manicure. I love the Pearl Bracelets line.

My patterns are on display at the E.E.Scheck booth! Loving the pattern exposure.

I know my pictures are not the greatest, but it love to share them regardless. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Here is another display at Andover. How many od my projects can you find (this is kind of an eye spy game).

Are you as worn out as I am? I'm going to show you one more and then I need some rest. Going back at it tomorrow, should have much more to share.

Off to relax,

Blog at you later,



Friday, October 25, 2013

Quilt Market - Day of Schoolhouse

Wow, what a day! Let me get it started...

This is the room just before the first Schoolhouse session of the day. There were about 1200 chairs and when the doors opened and the quilters came in, there was standing room only.

The quilt on the right in the photo above is the Ladies of Downton Abbey. I have learned that my sleeves on the quilts are not quite big enough (first lesson of the day).

The two quilts on the right are my beauties as well. Edith's Grand Entrance & Regal Mary.

The stage was nicely set.

So many projects to look at.

I am pretty sure the quilt on the right is by Mountain Peak.

Beautiful Umbrellas bu Umbrella Joan.

A table full of give-aways!

Purses, purses, purses.


Look, there are people taking pictures of my quilts! How cool is that?

Even the Downton Abbey banner is awesome.

After the event was over there was some official interviewing going on.

I hung out with my friends from Andover Fabtics for awhile, then ventured out onto the Market floor. Market doesn't actually open til tomorrow, so these are some early shots.

I visited with Rachel and Dee. We talked and laughed!

Here is a view of the Market from above. Some have finished and gone off to rest, some will be here until they are kicked out.


I went to a few schoolhouse sessions:

This is a really blurry shot, but that is Lizzy House and here is one of her quilts made with her fabric.

I stayed to see Lonnie Rossi.


I really liked that yellow/grey quilt.

I squeezed into the Moda session and snapped a pic of Pst Sloan. That was quite a day. As I was on my way up to my room I met Sheila Sinclair Snyder in the elevator. We hit it off and decided to have dinner together.

Shiela was a schoolhouse speaker today (wish I could go back in time) I would have loved to be in her session. If you click on her card above you can visit her site, she has a brand new book out. You can also visit her site at:

We had a nice dinner as we chatted and chatted. Now I am gonna get some shut eye. I am sure there will be plenty to share with you tomorrow.

So, blog at you later,



Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Background and Quilt Market

I haven't blogged in forever!  At least that's what I've been told.  I have probably lost any followers that I ever had, but my excuse is - I've been busy.  I can hear it now...  " Great, you've been busy!  Show us!"

Well, I have had Asteria (block of the month) out in the big quilt world:

Asteria - Greek Goddess of the Stars

She has been in quilt stores and magazine ads.  I feel like a very proud parent.

I have Downton Abbey Quilts for Andover Fabrics.  Here are the computer generated quilts:

Edith's Grand Entrance
This one is available at the Andover Fabrics website for FREE!
Just click on the quilt above and you should be taken right to the free download.

Ladies of Downton Abbey

Regal Mary

Victorian Violet

Fans for Edith

Sybil's Spires

These of Downton Abbey quilt patterns can be found on my website:

Oh, and I supposed to do the legal thing, so here it is:

Tomorrow morning, bright and early I am helping with the Andover Schoolhouse at Quilt Market, so I should be heading off to dreamland.  I am gonna make one more quick call home to wish them a goodnight.  I plan to take many pictures in the next few days and share, share, share.  Real pictures (not computer generated).  I am trying to redeem myself in the blog world.  

In the meantime, I just couldn't resist the Halloween blog background.  I just love it.
So goodnight blog world,
blog at you later,