Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Trends Show was Fabulous!

Here it is...
This is my new Block of the Month!  
I tried and tried to name this quilt.
I Googled, used the Dictionary, the Thesaurus and nothing was working.
Then one day while sitting at a red light, I thought...
I wonder if there is a Greek Goddess of the Stars.

Well, as soon as I got home, I Googled again and there it was... Asteria! 
That is now the name of this beauty!

It was met with overwhelming support by the fabric reps!
They really made me feel like we have a winner here!
I will tell your more about it in a future blog.
As for now I have so much more to share.
The two lovely ladies in the picture above sure made my weekend.
They made sure I was taken care of.
They made sure I ate and shared my quilt information,
was filmed, got to create new quilts,
and just had a bit of quiet time in the midst of all the
crazy positive responses I was getting.

Gail and Debbie, thank you very much! 
I don't know what more I can say,
you really made my time in Portland special!
You are both amazing!

The fabric above has been designed by
I first met Stephanie about 8 years ago
(when Nick was having Bone Marrow Transplant at City of Hope).
Stephanie always was concerned about Nick and sweet to me.
I could just come to her store for no other reason than I just needed
to escape the hospital and be in a beautiful place.
I don't know if I really ever got to thank her for that,
so Stephanie... THANKS!

I have taught at her store before as well.
I am so happy that she is designing Batiks
(I love, love, love Batiks in case you didn't know)!
I am a girl who likes high contrast, but Stephanie's designs really sooth me. 
Congrats Stephanie!
By the way, it seems to me that you are a legend at e.e.Schenk!

Next, I found this beautiful sample hanging in the warehouse.
This one was designed by Daniela of Cozy Quilts.
Daniela is another wonderful person.
She has inspired me and I am always at awe of each and every one of her new patterns.
She is cute and sassy and I just love her smile and excitement.
I hear she wants me to move to the San Diego area
(I'm afraid to tell her I just don't think its gonna happen).  

So, on to some pic from Trends!
Here are a couple of quilts that met you as you came into the warehouse.
There were shelves and shelves of products!
I thought I was in love with quilt stores, but this is a whole new level of excitement!

There are quilts on display throughout the place.

Check out all the shoppers and all their carts full of goods!

Now where do you think I was spending some of my time
In the Batik isle, of course!

There was so much to see and do!
There were Make & Takes, or Teach & Takes, or something along those lines
(I can't remember what they were really called),
but I visited the Terial Arts booth and made a Poppy!
I know my poppy is blue (not the typical California Poppy),
but I love it anyway!
It was fun and easy to make.
Terry has a great new product!
I was so excited and busy I almost forgot today was Sunday,
but never fear,
I got myself to church this morning.
St Andrew!
I snapped a picture of the front of the church.
It has so much character and the stained glass windows were just beautiful.   
Tomorrow morning I have a little time to check out local quilt stores, and that is my plan.
I will let you know how it goes.
I will let you in on a little secret...
I can quilt like a crazy woman, but I am directionally challenged!
Thank goodness I have GPS, but still I get myself lost almost every time I go out.
I hope this getting lost thing doesn't cut into my quilt store exploring too much.
I'll be sure to let you know how that goes,
but for now I must tell you:

I'll blog at you later,

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