Monday, November 22, 2010

Nimble Thimbles in November

We had a good meeting on Friday at Linda's house.
Just getting around to sharing.
Ilana made this great bag for Geocaching.
You can check out the link if you don't know what geocaching is.
Basically it is a global hunting game using a handheld GPS.
Pretty cool!  And the bag is GREAT!
 Nancy brought some African fabrics to give to Ilana (how cool?)
 I love this one.
 We are getting ready for our next challenge.
It is my turn.
I decided that this barn is what I would like a quilt of.
I enlarged it, sliced it up and handed it out
It will January or February before the pieces are due.
Can't wait to see this one.

Blog at you later,

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I taught a class earlier this month on these flowers.
This method is from The Buggy Barn technique.
I love my quilt (still need to quilt it, of course).
 These are some of the blocks made by students in class.
They each did a great job.
I hope they share the finished projects with me soon.
I love to see what each creates with different fabric choices.

Well, tomorrow I have a meeting with my Nimble Thimble group.
I should have some fun stuff to share on the blog tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

Blog at you then,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Fabrics, New Patterns

100th Blog and new patterns,
how exciting is this??
 These are 3 new fabric lines that
Exclusively Quilters put up on their website today.
I wanted to make sure that the patterns are up as well.
The one above is obviously Tigers, made from their Tiger line.
The next line is called: My Universe
The pattern is called:  Trails though the Universe
The third line is called:  Green with Envy
The quilt is:  Fun & Crazy - Green with Envy.
I have posted the pictures of these quilts on my website as well.
Come on over and check it out.

Blog at you later,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

International Mysteries

I filled in for Dawna today.
I played with the ladies from the International Mysteries Class.
Two brought quilts to share from last months mystery.
 I think it is really cool how differently they can be put together.
I really enjoyed the afternoon.

Thanks for the fun,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Leni's Lovely Quilts

I went to Bolts last night for their Ferns Friendship Friday.
I showed up in my PJ's, just because they let me.
While there, Leni shared a couple of her quilts.
She will be sending these off soon.
 I teased that this one wasn't gonna make it back to Leni's.
But you know I was just teasing.
I sure do love this one though.
It's made with batiks.
My favorites!

Blog at you later,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lotsa Blocks!!

Checkerboard Blocks!!
These quilts are gonna be lovely!!
We had a good time in class this morning.
These blocks belong to Liz.
Good job, Liz!
 These are Sheryl's blocks.
She pulled from her stash and purchased a background fabric.
I love to see how quilts turn out with different fabric choices.
 These blocks belong to Laurie.
They are gonna be great.
We used the Accu-quilt in class today.
Want to talk about speeding up the cutting process.
You can cut so many strips so quick.
Each student in class went home with strips cut
so they can get right to their homework.
Class again on the 30th.
There will be more to share on the Checkerboards then.

I've been working on some applique for and secret exchange.
I will get to share my quilt as well as many others
after we exchange in December.
That will be a blog to look forward to.

I should have a peaceful day at home tomorrow.
Lets see what I can get done and what I will be able to share.

Keep hanging on to see what happens next,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feeling Better!

The antibiotics are working!!!
I feel human again!!

I took Lindsay for a check-up with the
orthopedic doctor this morning
and then worked the rest of the day at Bolts.

Tomorrow morning I will be teaching the
Checkerboard Batik
It is a fun quilt, the blocks are made from 2  1/2" strips.
We will be using the Accu-quilt in class
to get those strips cut in a jiffy!
 We plan to have a great time.
I will try to remember the camera
and see if we can get some action shots to share.

For now,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling Under the Weather, Maybe this will Help!

 I think this sums it up.
I have had swollen lymph nodes and a fever the last few days.
I have felt like crap,
and of course I haven't achieved much.
I went to urgent care yesterday,
got some antibiotics and
I am feeling a little better today.
Now to do laundry and such.

Here is my design board.
It is feeling very stagnant.
 I really need to finish this Kittie quilt so I can move on.
 Here is just one of my many piles of projects.

Today's big task is to quilt this quilt Grandma Toni sent me.
I have to do something to it and send it back to her today!!
She suggested stitch in the ditch, 
but I really don't care for stitch in the ditch!
I think I will do something fun in the sashing.
I can't really do much in the blocks,
they are constructed by different groups
and therefore constructed with very unique techniques,
some of which I cannot get a needle through.
Well, wish me luck.
I still plan to take it easy for most of the day,
don't want to wear myself out and be back on the couch.

Blog at you soon,