Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time to head home.

This time away went by really fast!  It started off a bit tough.  Lindsay (my youngest daughter) dislocated her knee shortly after I arrived at the condo.  She was at home and I was 180 miles away.  She was with a group of people.  911 was called, she traveled to the Emergency Room in an ambulance.  They gave her pain killers and popped her knee back in.  She was home within a couple of hours.  She is one tough cookie, and beautiful (but I am her mom, so I can say that)!4 you approved

I can’t show you much of what I did for the past few days, I have been testing blocks for a magazine and although I am sure you would love to see them, I don’t think that would be a good move on my part.  Here is a consolation prize…DSC06557a picture of my trash bowl (just wanted you to know I have been a busy girl).  Ok, I must pack up and check out.

Blog at you later,


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