Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grandma Toni’s Tablescape & More

DSC06401 I was at my Grandma Toni’s house last weekend.  Grandma always has the table set in her dining room, so I snapped a few pictures…DSC06402Grandma loves blue, can you tell?DSC06403I don’t know anything about the dishes or napkin rings or even the spoon contraption below…DSC06404I do know that she sure sets a pretty table and has lots of pretties to look at.DSC06405I know she is a regular shopper at the Salvation Army store in Perris, Ca.  It is one of the largest I have ever seen.  Grandma takes the workers fresh baked brownies most every Thursday.  They call her when there are items they think she might like.DSC06407She has many collections.  The dining room is filled with glass creamers.  You might be able to make out some of the collection in the picture above.

Blue glass in another favorite of hers.  Here are some of her pieces on the shelves in the picture below.DSC06411I was in love with this quilt.  I did a little searching and found it is called the Dove in the Window quilt block.  This one was hand quilted, grandma said by a group of ladies in their 80’s.  I would love to bring this quilt home with me.  You think I can sneak it out when grandma looks the other way?DSC06409Ok, check this out.  My grandma made this to hang in the window within the last couple of months.  She saw it in a craft book.  It is organza type fabrics with black bias stems to look like stained glass.  Pretty cool, huh?DSC06398One last look as you head out the door.  My grandma has quite the eye for cool stuff and quit an ability to display it all.DSC06399

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my Grandma’s home. 

I will be joining:  Between Naps on the Porch and Suzys Sit Com.

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Chubby Chieque said...

Wow... what a cool old grandma, right? How I wish I be like her in the future, if HE permits.

Happy w/end.

Anonymous said...

The china was sold by the Bombay Company...lovely table!