Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Class! Photos to Fabrics!

I was challenged a few months back to create a new class.  Dawna thru down the challenge (I don’t think she expected me get so involved).  I can’t just pick a pattern and some fabric, oh no no no!

I started with a photo I took on my vacation last year. these flowers were at Pikes Place Market in Seattle. Have I told you I love tulips?  1

Next,  I put the picture into a program that picks colors from the photo (I used Colorschemer).  These are the colors that were pulled from the photo, pretty cool, huh?


Let’ keep going…  I designed a block in EQ7.  Here is my block with the photo colors inserted.  This block was made using 2  1/2” strips (that way I could use the Accu-Cut at work)!  4 Month 1 - Block

I used this block and put it into different setting on the EQ7 program. I have done the math and have a pattern for 4 sizes, ranging from Table Runner to King Size.  I made the blocks so they are not symmetrical, this way there are sooo many variations to the quilt based on block rotation.

This pattern is available on my website: 

Needle in a Hayes Stack.

This one shall be named:  Adalia


Table Runner (4 blocks).5 Table Runner - Colors (18 x 54)

Lap (12 blocks).6 Lap Tulip Quilt  -  Colors (42 x 54)

Twin (35 blocks).7 Twin Quilt - Colors (66 x 90)

King (64 blocks).8 King Quilt - Colors (102 x 102)

Now it was time to pick out fabrics!  I printed out my  fabric card and went shopping.  I don’t seem to have a picture of the fabrics before I cut them up, so here is a close up of the Table Runner with my fabric choices:

DSC06472My sample table runner still needs a binding, but here it is…


I am teaching this class currently at Bolts in the Bathtub.  We have had the first monthly session.  Each student brings (or sends to me in an email) a photo to start with.  Each quilt will be so different depending on color  and fabric selection, quilt size and block orientation.  This should be such a adventure each and every month.  There will be a new block each month (based on 2  1/2 “ strips).  Let me show you some of the photos and colors/fabrics chosen last month.  I hope to see some finished projects at our next class.


Cactus Flower Photo Card FinalDSC06367


Barn Photo Card SampleDSC06366


Crab Card Sample FinalDSC06368

Peggy (she wasn’t able to come to class, so we played with her pictures and gave her 2 color cards to choose from, I haven’t seen her fabric choices so I will be surprised next class as well):

Kitty Card SamplePhoto Card Chair

June (she couldn't come either, so we chose 2 sets of colors from the same photo):

FlowersPhoto Card Flowers version 2

Here is a sneak peak at next months block…

Block  DSC06470

The next class at Bolts in the Bathtub will be October 27th from 2pm – 5pm.  At  first we called it Jpegs to Colored Threads, but have changed the name for November on to be:  Photos to Fabrics.  I think I like that better.  Well, that was quite a long blog, yikes!  Gotta go work on my Block Base Sew Along Block.

Blog at you later,


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