Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Personal Retreat

I am pretty much on my own for the next couple of days.  No agenda, no work, no housework.  I am in a one bedroom condo at Pismo Beach.  I snapped a few pics to show you my set up.  Here in the living room, next to the fire I will blog, check email, Facebook and all that other stuff.DSC06522  Over here in the dining room I will be cutting, stitching (unstitching) and all around creating.


I will have to do a little pressing for sure, so that is what I shall use this cute little kitchen for.


I will go out exploring and eating and shopping, but then I shall return to create again and again.  This is my plan from now til Wednesday! I just wanted to share this little bit of space with you.  I hope to use this time to regroup, I always have so many ideas swimming in my brain (not sure if this will help or hinder).  We shall see…

Blog at you later,


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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Have fun . There are some cute quilt stores in that area too.