Monday, October 22, 2012

Looking for Inspiration

DSC06525Where do you go for inspiration?  Where do you look?  I went to the Mission.  Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa to be exact.  Look at the flowers painted on the walls.  Do they inspire you?

DSC06526I looked at their shapes for applique.  I try to find different flowers and shapes in the art I see.  Sometimes I feel the need to let it be the beginning of a creative path.  These were different and pretty, I just wasn’t ready start a project from these.  I think I will keep on looking.DSC06527

I do enjoy visiting the Missions.  They are usually very peaceful and beautiful.IMG_1306Here is a look out over the city from the top steps at the Mission.  It was an overcast day, but I didn’t mind it’s a bit different from the sunny desert I normally inhabit, besides I had the car washed yesterday, of course it was gonna rain!DSC06528The shape of this fountain intrigued me (but not the green water, glad I wasn’t on the hunt for refreshment).

DSC06529So, what did I accomplish today?  Well, I pieced together 7 blocks for my next Photos to Fabrics class (I had one done already).  Then I assembled them into an interesting table topper.  Here it is on the floor…


and look, here it is as a Table Topper!!  It still needs a border and some quilting, but I am having a good time with asymmetrical blocks.  There are so many layout possibilities.


I went out wandering this afternoon.  Here is a pic of the beach about 3 this afternoon.  I love the clouds, I think Autumn is actually here (not sure we have been able to claim that in the California desert).


What else did I see?  Some fish, not real ones, but mosaic fish in a bench at Pismo beach.  Maybe a little inspiration here…


I was still walking around town when I came upon a mosaic table, more inspiration.  I had to flip this picture so you could see there were dolphins here, but then the table looks like it is hanging from the sky (not true).  It is just a table not represented well due to my unprofessional photography techniques (trying to work on those).


I was pretty sure the local quilt store was closed today (and it was).  That’s all right, I think I will walk on over to it in the morning and have a visit.  I peeked in today, and they still have fabric (yippy)!  There was also a board out from with some quilt related events posted on it. 

IMG_1307Here is one that caught my eye. First off because it is in Lake Havasu (a destination I visited for the first and second time this past summer). Second, because of that name I put an arrow next to.  Stephanie Prescott is the owner of A Quilters Dream. She is also designing batik fabrics. Her name has crossed my path a few times recently. I know Stephanie from years ago when Nick was in and out of the hospital. At that time she had a store in Pasadena and that wasn’t too far from City of Hope when I needed a break. Stephanie was always kind and had a wonderful smile for me when I needed it most. I am so happy to see she is still active in the quilt world! I hope our paths cross again.

Now for tomorrow, I plan to visit at least two quilt store and report back.  Til then…

Blog at you later,


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Pam/NY said...

Love the blog...the missions are a great inspiration for many things...even quilts.