Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I’m in LOVE with Roxanne’s, A Wish and a Dream!

DSC06560I have been to Carpinteria before (year after year, except for this past summer).  Guess what happened while I was gone?  The Treasure Chest Quilt store closed.


Well, we stopped by today on our way home from Pismo Beach.  A new store has opened!


A Wonderful Store

Roxanne’s, A Wish and a Dream!DSC06561

Just gonna give you a tour!  Check out this sign, it caught my attention.DSC06562This little sitting area was quite adorable!  Check out the color of the booth and chairs.  Wow!DSC06563The black and white fabrics are displayed on this great shelf!DSC06564So much to took at.  It’s like eye candy everywhere!!!  I loved this sign!DSC06565The furniture in the store is quite eclectic.  Can you see the pink dresser at the bottom of this picture.  I would never think to put pink with the fall display, but it totally works in this store.DSC06566Check out this creature!!  How cool is she?DSC06568Oh, side note!  I noticed that there were many, many Featherweights in this store, so…  I asked if they happen to sell just the cord to plug them in.  Remember the machine my Grandma Toni gave me a while back?  I needed a cord.  Well, they had one.  I bought it, brought it home and look it works!!!  YIPPY!DSC06575Ok, a couple more shots before we headed home.DSC06569DSC06570DSC06571One more look back.  Look at the colors Roxanne painted tis shelf?  Roxanne was quite a sweet lady.  I am so glad I got to stop by the store!DSC06573One more close up, and by the way, I do luv the beach!DSC06572My goodies were packed up in the adorable bag.  There were boxes and boxes of them in the driveway.  They had just arrived and I was the first lucky customer to get to take one home!DSC06576

I have arrived home, safe and sound.  Tired and ready for dinner. 

So I will have to blog at you later,


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goofytortuga said...

I have been in this store this summer. It was very nice. I wish I didn't have my 5 year old with me so I could enjoy.