Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making Snowflakes

I usually machine quilt without any markings.
I just do my own creative thing.
This time I wanted snowflakes,
I tried using Golden Threads Quilting Paper.

I drew my snowflakes (4 different ones)
on the paper.
I then layered either 3 or 4 sheets of the paper
depending on ow many of each snowflake I needed.
I used my free motion foot
with my un-threaded machine
and sewed through all the prepared layers.
I gently separated the layers and
pinned one of the snowflakes
to the top of my quilt sandwich.
I re-threaded my machine and quilted
though the quilt and the paper.
Next, was the removal of the paper.
Now I have a perfect Snowflake on my Snowbound quilt!!
I am not sure how often I will use this method.
I love the result, but I did find it to be very time consuming
compared to my regular method.
I can see how stencils would be a better choice,
my problem is trying to find what I want in a stencil and then
finding it the size I need.

All in all,
I am happy with the result.

Now on to make all the other snowflakes,
I need a total of 13!

I will show you the finished quilt when it is done,
till then,
keep quilting,

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