Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grandpa Bud's Quilt

So, last time I told you a bit about Grandpa Bud.
He was my husband's step dad.
He was grandpa to our children.
He came to many school, athletic and family events.

He was our beloved Grandpa Bud.

I had been coerced by my friend Dawna
at our first JAM (just another Monday) session
to get busy with Grandpa Bud's quilt.

I had begun collecting train fabric
and started this quilt a few years back.
Now it was time to get it done.

Grandpa loved trains, the old steam engine type.
I researched some train heralds and got busy.
So this is how I made the train heralds,
also known as logos.
I traced to logo onto freezer paper.
I cut out areas with an exacto knife.
I pressed the freezer paper to fabric.
Next I stippled paint mixed with textile medium over the freezer paper,
waited for the paint to dry,
then I pressed it with the iron to heat set.
When I removed the freezer paper...
Ta da!!
This is the quilt top in progress
Here is the top with the border.
I finished the quilt on Friday night, January 7th.
Shared the quilt with Grandpa on Saturday morning.
We covered him with it and he passed on Sunday night.

In loving memory,
Grandpa Bud

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