Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sharing my JAM (Just Another Monday)

 The JAM meeting was at Paula's house this month.
I wanted to meet a bit earlier (usually meet at 3), so the meeting was set for 2pm.  Of course, life doesn't always play along.  I was late!  I had an excuse, really!  Lindsay, my lovely 17 year old daughter, had her wisdom teeth our at 10am.  I was waiting for my lovely daughter, Carissa, to come home to stay with Lindsay.  Carissa's class went late, therefore, I was late!  I was forgiven and let in the house, thank goodness!!

Anyway, Paula's house is lovely.  She is a great quilter and the owner of Batts in the Attic.  She did the quilting on Dawna's Floral Visions Quilt to the above.  The quilt is gorgeous!  The embroidery is beautiful! And the quilting is awesome!
The quilt above is also Dawna's quilt.
She took a class from Sylvia Einstein.
She is planning on entering these
2 quilts in a show next week.
Good luck Dawna!

 This is Vickie.
She is the owner of Vickie's Quilt Studio.  She does wonderful machine quilting as well. She finished this top last month, but brought to show it with the quilting.  Quilts are always so much better when they are quilted.
Next month Vickie is planning to work on a Tennessee Waltz quilt.  Can't wait to see this one put together.

Janice was there, but didn't share this time.  She said she had 2 borders left to complete the top she was working on and if the meeting had been at 3 (instead of 2, like I requested) she would have been ready to share.

See why I was in so much trouble?

Next month we are going to have a retreat at a beach house.  Should be great fun, we may even get a lot done.  Hold tight and I will share all the happenings next month after our retreat.

P. S.  I now have the last wonderful piece of my Barn Slice Quilt.  I will try to work on it today, but I am sporting a killer headache and need to help completing 2 more Fafsa forms, YUCK!

Blog at you later,

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