Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun Monday!

I had a great day trip with my friend Dawna today!
This is her wonderful, fun little car.
We traveled around Southern California today,
the weather was absolutely gorgeous.
We had the top down all day!
 We went to the greatest needlepoint shop ever!
This is a fabulous shop.
I picked up some fun items for embellishing quilts.
Beads and specialty threads and such.
Dawna picked up a needlepoint that she had them
make into a wonderful pillow.
Check out the great Valentine projects in the display.
I have decided there is not enough time for me
to do all the things I want to do in life.
I truly loved their Valentine and Halloween items.
There were just sooo many lovelies to look at.

We had a wonderful lunch with Dawna's friend Karen.
It was delicious and delightful.
What a great day.

Dawna and I also saw this unique car
and had to turn around just to get a picture to share.
Crazy, huh?
I hope you had a wonderful, sun shiny day as well.
Maybe tomorrow I will create again.

Till then,
enjoy your day,

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