Friday, February 11, 2011

Terry Waldren

I attended the AVQA ,
Antelope Valley Quilt Association,
meeting last night.
We had a guest speaker:
She was wonderful and enjoyable.
She shared about 20 quilts in her trunk show.
These were a few of my favorite
(and seemed to be the ones I took better pictures of).
 I love her use of color and her freedom to create
whatever she desires.
 Her quilts are fun and her stories
are even funnier.
 I will be attending her workshop on Saturday.
Hopefully, I too, will create something fun.
This one is done entirely by hand.
You can't see it in the picture,
but there is beading and beautiful stitching on it.

I was fortunate to share a lunch meal
with Terry and a few other ladies today.

Can't wait for tomorrow's workshop!

Show you later whatever I make...

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