Friday, February 25, 2011

Nimble Thimbles Barn Slice Quilt!!

So much to share from the meeting today.
Margaret brought earrings to share with everyone.
All handmade, she is amazing!

Today was the day the slices for my quilt were due!
Let me share:

Here is Linda and her slice...

Here is Karen and her slice...

Here is Jacque and her slice...

Here is Nancy and her slice...

Here I am with my slice...
(I didn't do all the work yet,
I knew it was coming back home with me
so I copped out a bit!, Sorry everyone)

This is Peggy's slice,
she was very ill and wasn't wanting
to give her sickness away to us.
We are very grateful and we love you Peggy,
hope you feel much better real soon!

I am amazed at how awesome the slices are.
Each person did a fabulous job at
representing their part of the picture.
Here is the picture that we started with.
I seem to have a great fondness for red barns.
I would live in a converted red barn if given half a chance
(bet you didn't know that about me).
Here is our great, creative slice quilt.
One little slice is missing,
but we aren't talking about that.
I am sure is will show up soon.
This just means I won't be putting the quilt together this weekend.
I do have many, many other quilt projects to work on.
It is supposed to snow here in the Antelope Valley
of Southern California tonight.
When it snows here, all normal activity ceases to exist.
I will be prepared to quilt all weekend, if necessary!

Back to Nimble Thimbles,
Sue shared these 2 quilts with us as well.
Sue makes really fun, cute quilts.

Since I plan to quilt is my quilt corner and act like a hermit
I should have new things to share with you soon.

Till then,
Hope is snows,

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