Monday, March 14, 2011

One Spool Down

My latest project has been the
Spool Quilt from a new book I picked up at
Bolts in the Bathtub when I was at work last Wednesday.
I loved 3 of the quilts in this book
and appreciated the rest of them.
I decided to make the Spool Quilt.
I love the way it is done in the book.
I plan to teach this one,
and unless you are specifically teaching appliqué,
I find it hard to get students to sign up for a piecing quilt
if it has appliqué on it
(not to mention it takes a heck of a lot longer to make).

I chose to add borders to this one.
It will fit on the hanger in by living room.
I adapted the number of blocks
and made it to the size space I have available.
The book is by Edyta Sitar from
I don't buy too many books, but this one is beautiful.
I have much more to share,
so maybe another blog tomorrow,
we'll see....

Blog at you later,

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