Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lessons Learned

 Well, what have I learned?

1. Follow Directions.  I showed in a previous post about using the Golden Threads papers to make quilting templates.  The directions state to draw the first design with a water soluble pencil or marker.  Did I follow directions?  Of course not!!  I grabbed the closest thing, a lead pencil.  Looking at the quilt after it was completed, you can really see which blocks had the lead pencil transfer onto the quilt top.  Ick!

2.  Check the size of the quilt hanger before choosing the size of the sleeve you attach to the back of the quilt.  Can you see the problem in the picture?  I shoved the wooden piece through the sleeve.  That doesn't look very pretty!

3.  Learn to block a quilt.  Haven't learned that one yet, but I really need to.  This quilt needs to hang a bit better.  I guess I will let you know how blocking a quilt works a little later in life.  I really don't feel like doing that now.

I did want to show that I have received
the last slice/wedge of the Barn Quilt.
That is what I really want to work on.
So, I think I will.

Blog at you later,

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Leslie's Itchin to be Stitchin said...

Your Snowbound is lovely, turned out fabulous, regardless of lessons learned.