Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easily Distracted!

I am now in the process of creating this adorable,
simple house quilt.
I love this block,
but this was not on my list (long, long list)
of things to do.
So, how did this happen?

Dawna and Fay were looking
at a new magazine at work yesterday.
I mentioned that I love the Schoolhouse block.
Fay said that we have the block for the
Accu-Quilt cutter and really need to use it.
Dawna grabbed 5 bolts of fabric and suggested
that it would look good in them.
I proceeded to get out the block cutter and start in...
 I thought the blocks could be both the
light background and the color background.

Look at these for a moment.
The chimney over the door is out of place.
Of course, I had already adhered fusible web
to the back of the coral fabric,
run it through the cutter and
pressed the blocks together
before I figured this out,
Design change!
Now I am making 9 blocks,
all with white background
and using the leftovers to make sashing.
I think it will be cute.

My personal hang-up
with this type of appliquĂ©
is the need to sew around it
after it is adhered to the background.
I do not care to satin stitch or
button-hole stitch around them,
so what shall I do?

Dawna said she would sew around them,
but Dawna is already buried under many other projects.
I think I will put the top together,
quilt it and then free motion couch
around the houses with a fun yarn or thread.

Yikes, another project?
What have I done?

Blog at you later,

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