Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh My!!!

I went to the
meeting last night,
Oh My!!!

I was overwhelmed.  I think many of us were!
The speaker was Sharon Schamber.
Her work is phenomenal.
Her machine appliqué is just amazing.
Her machine embroidery is beautiful
and her quilting ability is off the charts.
To see her quilts up close was quite a treat.
I can hardly believe anyone is daring enough
to quilt with black thread
on a white background,
but she did it and she should,
her quilting is that good!
Everything that she created
and shared with us is impeccable.
The gold on the quilt above is bobbin work.
This quilter is awesome,
no wonder she was won so many top awards.

I must admit,
I came home feeling defeated.
How can I ever even think I can quilt
when nothing I could ever make
could be this good.

I am obviously not created to make quilts
for the purpose of competition.
I am to make quilts for the love of the art
and the ability to touch others
with what I do.

I am feeling a bit more grounded
about being me today.

Tomorrow I will be taking Sharon's workshop.
I may have to re-evaluate myself
yet again by Sunday.

Blog at you later,

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