Monday, March 1, 2010

ABB! (All But Borders)

Does it seem to anyone else that borders tend to take an extreme amount of time to actually get on the quilt?
Well, it does to me!
This one is finished being appliqued.
It sure was fun, you know the letters took longer than the rest of it.
I'll give you another peek when the borders are picked out and put on.

Now a bit of info from the shop, Bolts in the Bathtub.
Here is a new line that came in just recently.
It is from Wilmington Prints, Tranquil Moments.
Seashells and such, makes me want to head to the beach to go camping.
I will, I just have to wait a bit.
We have a few days booked at Carpinteria Beach (my favorite) the beginning of June.
Anyway, Dawna has been piecing the top for this quilt.
I think we will have a couple of kits made up soon.
Now for some Nimble Thimbles info:
We are working on putting together this Monsters Quilt.
Here are 2 of the 9 blocks.
I believe Ilana is going to get this top together for our group.
We love you, Ilana!
Linda has been working on a couple of our groups philanthropic quilts.
Here is one that is pieced.
This one is almost done being quilted by Linda.
She is doing a great job!
Check this out:
Peggy has a brand new baby!!
Well, actually is is a brand new Bernina 830 (lucky duck!)
She is awsome.
She had the machine, I mean baby, for less than a week
and was digitizing.  Amazing!
She did the block above and the block below.
I am anxiously awaiting all the new exciting things she will produce.
She has not named her baby yet, so if you have any ideas for her,
you can share them with me and I will pass them on.
I have so much to share today.
I was under a critical deadline a couple of weeks ago,
then came down with walking pnumonia,
then needed some very quiet down time.
I am back at it now and hope to post much more often.
I understand there are followers who expect new stuff frequently.

Next thing to share are a couple of blocks I have made since Friday.
We decided in out quilt group that there is someone we need to make a quilt for.
We are quilters, when there is a need, we quilt.
It's what we do.
So, anyone from Nimble Thimbles that is up to the challenge was requested to make 2 blocks:
10 1/2" x 10 1/2" unfinished.
One block pieced,
one block with a heart or hearts.
All to be done in pastels.
So here are mine:
Now I am off to do some machine quilting,
there is so much to do after you have been sick.
I hope to post real soon.
Love you, my friends,

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Nancy said...

Yeah!!!! more postings, more good ideas - now I know what blocks to make! Nancy