Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Robotic Girl

Lindsay, my wonderful and talented 16 year old, is on the Robotics team at her high school.
She is not actually part of the building crew for the robot this year.
She is in charge of spirit and imagery
She painted the wonderful mural for the team.
This year they are working with the Wizard of Oz theme.
This mural will hang in the pits at competition.
Team 399, from Lancaster High School, will be competing in Phoenix and Denver this year.
Last year the team place 6th in the world.
Another wonderful competition year is just a few weeks away.
The team hopes to qualify for the Nationals in Atlanta.
They revealed the robot today.
Here it is:
To find out more about robotics:
To find out more about Lindsay's team:

Hopefully a story about today's Media Event will be in the local paper.
We would like to be front page, top of fold.
I will let you know tomorrow.

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