Friday, March 5, 2010

Funday Friday with Monsters!

Look out, Monsters!
The quilt friends I play with most every Friday morning,
the Nimble Thimbles,
have been working on these monster blocks for some time now.
Finally we have 9 monsters to put together.
We straightened them up a bit,
gave them a trim,
and decided what to do with them next.
Ilana is gonna add some borders to them
and next week they shall get another trim.
I am sure they will show up on the blog again
in a couple of weeks.

Now for some heart blocks and pieced blocks.
These are coming togther nicely as well.
We made all these in a week.
We are over-achievers, no doubt!
We arranged them,
considered our options,
and Peggy took them home.
They should look much more like a quilt top soon.
Now for a quick personal share.
These bread rolls looked to good not to share.
They were for dinner last night and they were yummy.
I love to get someone from my household (sometimes even me)
to put ingredients into the bread maker and set it on the dough cycle.
Then we usually put the bread in a stone loaf pan and bake.
Last night I just shaped breadrolls and baked them up.
They sure were good!
I must have been in the baking mood.
I have been craving some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for a couple of weeks.
Yesterday I made them.
I took a couple of dozen to Robotics and shared.
I left a few at home for us.
They must have been good, they are practically gone!
I need to go do some machine quilting,
then off to the Fish Fry for dinner (yea, no cooking today).
So, blog at you later,


West Michigan Quilter said...

I love those monster blocks. I have the pattern but have been afraid to try them. What method applique did you use, please?

Tiffany Hayes said...

we all used different methods, i would say mostly fusible with machine stitching around them.