Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wonderous Wednesdays

New beauties to share!

I love this Moda line. It is called Blush.
My creative juices are flowing
and I want to create,
but I have too much on my plate.
I must finishe at least some
of what is on my plate,
then I can start again.
This is another Moda line,
this one is called Verna.
It is cute too!
I'm trying not to look at it
(rather hard to do)!

Here is a lovely quilt, it is very spring-like.
The weather here is cold for our standards.
It is supposed to warm up this weekend.
Maybe spring is on its way.
We kitted up a few of these quilts
for anyone who wants to help rush in spring.
The line is called Garden Path,
and is from clothworks.
This panel is great.
We have many coordinates as well.
So pick up a kit, or create something on your own.
What ever you choose,
please help bring in spring.
I think I am tired of the cold and wind.

Well, I am off to Phoenix for the weekend.
It should be warm and toasty there.
We will be at a Robotics competition,
but I plan to eat well
and sneek in a few quilt stores.

Blog at you later,

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