Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party, Party, Party

The annual Nimble Thimble Party!
Leni sure set up some nice tables.

We gathered, we ate (pot luck, with the traditional turkey as the main part of the meal.
Then we started our exchange.
Leni started the whole ordeal.
Leni had drawn Nancy's name.
This year we had an inspiration word supplied by the person who would recieve the gift.
Nancy's word was not remembered, but the gift was full of words anyway.
In the black, stitched with black were secret words only we know about.

Nancy gave to Tiffany (me!).
My word was serendipity.
Nancy created beautiful flowers for me.
Thanks Nance.

I had Peggy.
Peggy's word was Pearl.
There are words in light organza of the word pearl in other languages.
I also added a Lily, because I knew that was important to Peggy as well.

Peggy gave to Jacque.
Jacque's word was European.
Peggy added the word love in different European languages.
In the center is a heart. Peggy's creation was filled with love.

Jacque had surgery on her neck.
The surgery was moved up and she did not finish the quilt for Ilana.
Ilana's word was satisfaction.
Jacque filled a bag of goodies and promised Ilana a quilt in January.

Ilana had drawn Karen's name.
Karen's word was Scotland.
Ilana's creation was kilts.
Look what was hidden under one of the quilts.
We all had a laugh.
Karen made a quilt for Audra.
Not sure of Audra's word, but Karen knows that Audra likes chickens,
so she made Audra a chicken rag quilt.

Audra made quilted bags for Linda to use for groceries.
There are 4 bags. Again not sure what the inspirational word was, but it just doesn't matter.
Linda had drawn Leni's name. Leni's word was friendship.
And how funny is this, Linda made a bag for Leni to use for
groceries or whatevers, there was even a pillow hidden in the bag.
Linda know Leni travels alot, therefore a bag and travel pillow.

Well, we went full circle, but there were still two left.
So, on to Michelle. Michelle had drawn Sue's name.
Sue had given 4 inspirational words:
holiday, cats, outdoors, antiques.
Michelle got Sue fabric for each inspirational word and
put each fabric on the quilt hanger that she had made for Sue.
Sue then had Michelle's name.
Michelle had given the word antiques,
but Sue also knows that Michelle loves cats.
Sue created this cute kittle quilt, and since
we all know Sue loves kitties too, this was just the perfect gift.

We were all here and willing, so names were drawn for next year.
How perfect.
I am the keeper of the names for this year.
I am happy to add that Cindy was here to visit and decided to participate in the exchange for next year. Welcome back Cindy.
Margaret and Maria were at the party as well, and I am very excited that both of them have drawn a name and are planning to participate in the exchange next year.
Now for a picture of us.
What a great day!
Blog at you soon,

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