Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wondrous Wednesdays

What's in the tub? Flannel of course!
There's so much flannel in and around the tub, it's hard to find the tub.
It's there, just keep looking!
This gets me inspired... I think I need some new flannel jammies!

Beverly has finished the sample for the Cherie fabrics I shared with you last week.
Isn't is adorable?

Now, let's talk about something serious... Christmas is coming!!
Some of those projects you are planning are way to big for this year.
Maybe you should scale it down a bit.
Have you see the Insul-Bright?
Why don't you make up some cute little pot holders, oven mitts, tea cozy or even a casserole cozy? This stuff is great, and it even comes with a free oven mitt pattern. Why don't you whip up some quick gifts, be done early and enjoy some free time this holiday? Don't forget to thank me! Ha Ha.

Blog at you soon,

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grandmarockton said...

THANKS, can you say it again next week!