Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wondrous Wednesdays

Wow. The weeks just seem to fly by.
I cannot believe how fast life seems to be moving.
The sale was great last week.
Dawna and I manned the cutting table for a few hours.
Thanks to all who came and shopped and had great patience with us.
We worked as fast as we could.

Now for some new stuff.
This line is from Andover.
It is called Garden Fresh.
I seem to have the creative bug today.
I really want to create from some of the lines I have to share today.

This is a really cute line.
Castles and Cottages.
You need to come see this one up close.
It is a very sweet line.

Ok, I am ready to cut this fabric up and stitch it back together again.
Oh, I want to make a new quilt.
This is Chinese Take Out by Lundhurst Studio.

This is a line of soft fabrics.
You need to find this one in the store and at least take a good look at it.
I think I know a couple people in my life who would enjoy a quilt from this fabric.

get busy,
Christmas is coming.
Blog at you soon,

1 comment:

Fiesta said...

Tiffany the garden line is delightful but can you share the name of the teapot fabric? I want some of that one.