Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Hampton Quilt

Here it is….3791I think this is definitely one of my favorite quilts!  It is currently in the Keepsake Quilting Catalog.  They have  the pattern and kit.  It is a simply pieced quilt with some applique.  I did mine by hand (I know,  you think I am crazy).  The pattern is available in my website too (hardcopy or digital).  Click on the quilt below to go to my website.3791Hampton from Keepsake closeThe Handcrafted fabric line designed by Alison Glass is beautiful.  This line is by Andover Fabrics.handcrafted211I used 16 of the 18 prints as well as her Text print for the background.  IMG_0120_2I love this one so much, it is currently my phone case!Photo Sep 22, 10 29 08 AMI ended up with three couch pillows and another project in process.DSC_0089adjThe Hampton quilt was inspired by hotel carpet.  Scott and I were away for a weekend.  We were waiting for the elevator on the third floor.  I was staring at the floor.  Scott said “you see a quilt in the carpet, don’t you”?  He knows me so well!  That is exactly what I was seeing.  Well, the quit is named Hampton, want to guess where we were staying?DSC_0050I tried to take the quilt out to the park and get some pictures.  I am not so good with the camera.  Not sure if I will ever be.  I might need to get some help in that area.DSC_0055

Well, now you know the story of Hampton.  By the way, the wonderful modern quilting was done by Dana (check with me if you need her info, she is in Palmdale, Ca).  The quilt is out roaming in Southern California.  Maybe you will spot it in a quilt store.  If you see it, take a picture and share it with me.

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