Thursday, January 8, 2015

Four Simple Fabrics, One Amazing Quilt

I think I need to pinch myself!  Is this real?


I am a CRAFTSY Instructor!  That is amazing to say!  My class is ready and on the Craftsy Website.  Click on the picture above and save $10.00 off the regular class price (you have to follow this link or the one on my website for the savings).


It was a very interesting and amazing experience to film the instructional class.  I hope I get to do it again someday!  The people I worked with were absolutely great!4966_Marketing_Sewing_Machine_051_retouchedI learned so much about how things happen behind the camera.  _DSC1115_retouched

They really made me feel like a star!  This was on my dressing room door (how sweet).IMG_1969This was on the door to the filming studio.  They really did use a clapper board (I think that’s what you really call them).IMG_1979Here I am inside my dressing room.  I’m not very good at selfies, but I tried anyway.IMG_1089There was inspiration everywhere.  This is the fabric the curtains were made out of in my hotel room.IMG_1971This wall the wall paper.  I must admit, I starred at this for a while (thinking of quilt patterns, of course).IMG_1973I know this might seem crazy to some people, but I had never had room service before.  Well, I think I went to Denver on the first winter storm of the season.  I do not think the temp went above 20 degrees the entire time I was there.  One night after dinner, we walked to the car in –10 degrees.  I had never been in weather that cold before.  So, you can imagine that room service was quite enticing.  I was amused with the amount of ketchup that was sent up with my burger.IMG_1978When all the filming was done, I managed to get to the airport before the snow really hit, but once I was there it started coming down heavy.  IMG_1981We had to go outside to board the plane.IMG_1982I entered the plane with a little snow in my hair and on my clothes.  Then we sat for a bit (about an hour or so) while the plane was de-iced.  I have never been on a planed that needed de-icing.IMG_1983

This definitely was a trip of firsts!  Now all the editing and magic is done and the class is ready for you.  I hope you enjoy it.  I sure had fun with the whole adventure.

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Amanda Best said...

Very exciting, congratulations! I love your Goddess quilts!

Cindy said...

Tiffany, I tried to follow your links but can't get any where. I love this quilt and wanted to check it out. Thanks..

Tiffany Hayes said...

Try this: