Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An App Quilt

An App Quilt?  What is the world is that, and why?  Well, there is be a special exhibit at Road to California in 2015.  The faculty were given a challenge to create a quilt that looks like an App.  I chose to use my Hayes Stack logo for the center of the quilt.FINAL-LOGO-JustHaystack
I printed up some background fabric (please test any new technique you decide to use before it is too late).  I will touch on that later.  I had approval from the powers at Road to use their logo, so I did.  I also used a small version of my Hayes Stack as well as some Downton Abbey words.  Since my classes will be Downton Abbey Mysteries, I thought that was appropriate.  I framed and backed the 36” x 36” quilt with batik.  Why?  Cuz I love batik!App Road Fabric
I found a block that has been referred to as The Road to California block.  I pieced the background with four of these blocks, using my printed fabrics.App Quilt for Road
Then, I quilted it!  Bound it! And….. washed it!  Yikes!  That printed (untested) fabric faded really bad.  Here is the fabric before washing.DSC_0135Well, I waited to long to start this project, so there was no starting over.  I decided I just needed to go with it. 
DSC_0134Here it as after washing.DSC_0145And a close up!  Yep, it faded!  Once I had come to terms with the aged look of my quilt, I fell in love with it.DSC_0146Now I needed to get the logo on the quilt.  I enlarged my logo to be about 24” tall.DSC_0142I painted the needle so it would have a shadow on one edge.DSC_0144I traced the Hayes Stack shapes onto a bright yellow fabric and located my trusty glue stick.DSC_0147I tried gluing down the bottom shape and adding some netting.  I wasn’t sure at this point that my idea was going to work.  But, I pressed on.DSC_0148I stitched the thing into submission.DSC_0149I added the needle and stitched that down too.DSC_0150Then, I couched black yarn around each shape to enhance to outline.  I love couching on the Bernina.  I used the #43 foot and some clear thread.  That was the easiest and best part for me.DSC_0151May I present you with the Needle in a Hayes Stack App Quilt.  DSC_0155
I drove to Ontario, CA and delivered this on the day it was due.  Not a moment to spare.  Do work for deadlines?  I sure seem to.  Well, I am happy with the end product.  Look for it at Road.  Look for me too!
Blog at you later,

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gab said...

I think the "faded" background allows the Hayes Stack to pop. Good job!!