Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Florabunda Blog Hop - Blue Without You - Take 2

Here I am again with my Blue Without You quilt.
I blogged about it the other day.
You can read that post here:

Florabunda Blog Hop - Blue Without You

When I blogged previously the pattern for this beauty
wasn't quite ready.
Guess what?

Yep, it is ready now.
I have it up on my website.

Click on the pattern cover below to get the correct web page.

As long as you are here,
I thought I would share a few more
action shots of the quilt with you.

Action shots?
Well, yes!
Taking pictures in the Antelope Valley always results
in what I call action shots.
We have wind here like you wouldn't believe.

Sure makes taking quilt pictures interesting.

I think this quilt dropped from the tree at least 4 times
before I got these two pictures.

It's a bit easier on the bench, but the shadows did not help.

Designing, piecing, quilting.
I can do that.

Getting great photos, not so great!

I brought the quilt inside and thought
"one more shot of the fabric just to show it's beauty".

So, there you have another glance at this quilt.

Make sure you check out the posts from the other makers.
It is marvelous to see what the others have created
with the same collection of fabrics.

June 8:   Deborah Boschert-

June 9:   Sara Mika



June 11: Kathy York


June 11: Teri Lucas

Facebook: @terificreations Instagram: @terilucas

June 12: Leslie Tucker Jenison

Facebook: @lesliejenison Intagram: @leslietuckerjenison

June 12: Heidi Kelly


June 14: Debby Brown

June 14: Susan Brubaker Knapp

Facebook: @susanbrubakerknappfiberartist Instagram: @susanbrubakerknapp

June 14: David Gilleland

June 15: RJR Fabrics is hosting its own social media event, so we will NOT be hopping on this day. @RJRFabrics

June 16: Melanie Testa 

Again, I want to thank Melly for inviting me to play along.
This has been great fun.

Blog at you later,

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