Thursday, August 29, 2013

Downton Abbey–Lady Sybil

In case you don’t know her, this is Lady Sybil.

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These bold fabrics from the upcoming Downton Abbey collection are inspired by Lady Sybil, featuring geometric prints and large florals that speak to her dynamic character.  Did you know these fabulous fabrics are from Andover Fabrics?


I think these photos of the fabrics are just wonderful.  I have been looking at digital images of the fabrics and I cannot wait to have them in my hands.1005815_10151624722968100_1415430160_n1009855_10151624723063100_1083369530_n


Ok, are you ready to see what I did with them?  This quilt is named Sybil’s Spires.  For you social girls:  #SybilsSpiresQuilt

Sybil's Spires

I am sure that it will be wonderful when it is an actual quilt not a virtual quilt. 

All of my Downton Abbey quilts will be available on my website.  The patterns are currently in the hands of the most wonderful pattern proofer in the world, Michelle.

Since the fabric is not arriving in the stores until November, the patterns are still in the works.  This stuff takes time, you know?

I have more to share, so…

Blog at you later,




Tammy said...

Beautiful fabrics. Will make beautiful quilts.

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