Friday, August 30, 2013

Downton Abbey–Lady Edith

1184907_10151608255198100_793796574_nLady Edith, I am lucky to have two quilts from this line of fabrics.  1186673_10151608251953100_862300130_n

These gorgeous fabrics from the upcoming Downton Abbey collection are inspired by Lady Edith, featuring avant-garde colors and patterns from the Edwardian era.  Fabrics are from Andover Fabrics.

971586_10151608252938100_1605184383_nMy first box of fabric arrived yesterday and I am working on blocks.  I am posting them on Facebook and Instagram, @NeedleinaHayesStack.  998437_10151608253003100_1894918454_nYou can follow me here, or follow me there (I feel like Dr. Suess).  Follow me, follow me anywhere.1098049_10151608252263100_146445971_n1175294_10151608252253100_1696926863_n

Now for the quilts!  This is the first one I am piecing blocks for.  It is titled “Edith’s Grand Entrance”.  This quilt will be available on the Andover Fabrics website a little later on as a FREE downloadable pattern!  I am so excited that they chose one of my quilts for this honor.  You can hashtag this one:  #EdithsGrand Entrance.  Bar Quilt - Purple & Peach 2 with cream print

This next pattern is a purchasable pattern available on my website.  Just click on the quilt itself and you will be taken right to the website.  This pattern will not ship out until October (the fabric should start arriving in stores in November).  This one is called “Fans for Edith”.  #Fans for Edith

Fans for Edith

Well, I must get back to the sewing machine so I can have something to share on social media a bit later.  I have one more Downton Abbey character to share information on and a quilt for.  So keep a watch, that info will be coming in the next day or so.  Until then,

Blog at you later,